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Serengeti National Park

Discover Serengeti National Park

We all watched lots of documentaries starting like “one day this big is looking for food for its babies. on the Serengeti National Park“. The Serengeti National Park is a world-famous wildlife area located in the northern part of Tanzania. Serengeti is famous with its stunning...

Explore The Great Pyramids of Egypt

Have you ever think to visit the great pyramids of Egpyt like pyramids of Giza. Their mystery still solved entirely yet.  These well-known ancient masonry buildings are located in Egypt. They have a mysterious and thriving history. There are more than 100 pyramids in Egypt and the most...

Hasan II Mosque

Hasan II Mosque: The Largest Mosque in Africa

There are the countless number of the mosque around to world for Muslims to pray. Morocco‘s proud Hasan II Mosque is 2nd biggest in Africa and 5th in the world. If you ever visit the Casablanca Hasan II Mosque is the must to see a place for a great experience. Mosque’s minaret...

Cape Town

Cape Town Guide: Pearl in South

Cape Town is one of the nicest seaside city of South Africa. Visit Cape Town could be a great idea and experience for you. It has charming districts, lifestyle, natural beauty and much more. Around 4.5 million people living in Cape Town. You will find detailed information in this Cape...