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Top 20 Best Beaches in Turkey for 2020

Turkey is a country where green and blue meet. Every year millions of people enjoy the best beaches in Turkey all around Agean and the Mediterranean Sea. As you all know, Turkey is a country with three significant seas; Agean, Mediterranean and the Black Sea. Turkey has more than 7,000 km of coastline. Generally, Agean and Mediterranea shoreline are the primary choices of visitors. Because the Black Sea is more violent(!) with bigger waves and makes it very hard to swim. If you are planning to visit Turkey to enjoy the best beaches in Turkey, you can find the top 20 best beaches in Turkey in this post. Also do not forget to check the interactive map to see the location of all these beaches at the end of the post. I’m waiting for your contributions to the comment section to improve the content and quality of this post! Let’s start!

Top 20 Best Beaches in Turkey List

1. Sarimsakli Beach (Ayvalık)

The most beautiful beach where you can swim in Ayvalık, one of the pearls of the Aegean coast, is Sarimsakli. Sarımsakli Beach is also a public beach, but you can find a private section along the coastline which is more than 8 km long. The sea and the shore are entirely sandy. The quality of the sands of the Sarimsakli Beach is both approved by Turkish and World Health Organization officials. Sarimsakli Beach is also awarded by with the blue flag two times in the last decade. Its great features always put the Sarimsakli Beach in the best beaches in Turkey list.

2. Kefalos Beach (Gökçeada)

Kefalos Beach is a place for the people who are looking for a beach to enjoy the windsurf and kitesurf. The popularity of Kefalos Beach increased in a couple of the last years. Kefalos Beach is a very long and sandy beach. That makes the beach is suitable for water sports. Kefalos Beach is also an excellent place for early day swimming with its pure and clean water. However, Don’t forget to with the surfers during the days. You usually need to take a ferry to go to the Gökçeada, but in summer, especially during the high season, there are some direct flights to the island. Kefalos Beach is one of the new members of the best beaches in Turkey list.

3. Ayazma Beach (Bozcaada)

If you are one of the people who love the cold water, Ayazma Beach is definitely for you. Ayazma Beach is the largest and the most popular beach of the Bozcaada. The beach is enormous, and it has sandy shoreline. Also, there are regular minibuses lines from the various point in Bozcaada to Ayazma Beach. However, renting a motorcycle is a viral activity in Bozcaada. You can think to experience driving a bike through the island. The closest airport to the Bozcaada is the Canakkale Airport where is about 55 km away from the island. You need to take a ferry to get the island. Boats depart from the Geyikli. Ayazma Beach is one of my favourite in the best beaches in Turkey list.

4. Lara Beach (Antalya)

Lara Beach always will be on the best beaches in Turkey list. With its 2 km long and 45 meters wide shoreline, Lara Beach is one of the most popular beaches in all around Turkey. Lara Beach is also located very close to the Antalya city centre, about 15 km. That makes Lara Beach is an everyday bench where is attracting people from day to day who are living in Antalya. Since the fine sand of this place is good for rheumatic diseases, you can often come across those who set up tents on the beach in the summer months. The sea of the region has been receiving a blue flag for the past four years. Lara Beach is also very close to Antalya Airport.

5. Kaputas Beach (Kas)

Kaputas Beach is on the 1st place in the best beaches in Turkey list for the many people. It has not a sandy beach, but the sea is one of the most challenging and enjoyable ones. You need to fight with the waves even to stand in the sea. However, Kaputas Beach has an extraordinary nature which will amuse you. Kaputaş beach is between Kalkan and Kas and it around 7 km from Kalkan. Beach is located below the road level. So you need to park your car on parking lots on the road and then take a walk to the beach. Although it is troublesome to get here, you will see that it is worth it when you go. With its turquoise blue sea and foam-like waves, it takes the mind of man. Kalkan Bay is entitled to receive a blue flag. The nearest airport here is Dalaman Airport.

6. Oludeniz Beach (Fethiye)

Another very famous beach of the best beaches in Turkey list. Oludeniz is one of the most interesting bays of the Fethiye. Oludeniz also is famous for its long very shallow beach. You need to walk tens of meters to reach the deep sea. That makes Oludeniz Beach a very popular place, especially for the families. The sea and the beach are completely stony. But the effect that its magnificent nature has on you usually allows you to ignore this disadvantage. Watching the paratroopers passing over your hill while swimming in the sea also gives people a different joy. Dalaman Airport is the closest airport to the Oludeniz where you can find multiple daily flights from different locations in Turkey.

7. Cirali Beach (Antalya)

I love this place! Cirali Beach has not a sandy beach but I like its nature and ambience especially during the night. I can the Cirali Beach to the top of the best beaches in Turkey list. Besides the sea, you can also have other things to discover in the Cirali. You read this Cirali and Chimaera post to explore more about the region. Cirali Beach, which is rarely seen in the world, is home to cute Caretta Caretta. With the water flowing from the creek beds giving a slight depth to the sea, Cirali, which has water that will not be considered as hot, puts you in a natural and historical atmosphere. To go to the beach, you need to cross the tomb of King Zeus, the ruins of the ancient theatre and bathhouse. After a journey during the Roman period, you reach Cirali beaches. The sea here is light stony and sandy. Cirali, which is the first natural protected area, has a blue flag. The nearest airport is Antalya Airport.

8. Ilica Beach (Cesme)

Ilıca, which is 5 km away from Cesme, has a feature that is not found anywhere else in the world. That puts the Ilica Beach into the best beaches in Turkey list without a doubt. There hot spring inside the sea which makes hot zones through the water. Hot spring means also a “Ilica” in Turkish. The name of the beach comes from here. It is said that the hot springs in the water have healing properties in diseases such as rheumatism, skin diseases, rickets, liver and urinary tract. The closest airport to the Ilica Beach is the Adnan Menderes Airport and it is about 100 km away.

9. Ovabuku Beach (Datça)

Ovabuku Beach is another hidden gem in the best beaches in Turkey list. There are a couple of places like Ovabuku Beach around the Mesudiye village. Datca Peninsula offers many beautiful and naturally amazing places to experience. Ovabuku Beach as I told you one of the beauties hidden in the Datca peninsula, is among the most perfect beaches of the Mediterranean. The other two bays are Hayitbuku and Palamutbuku. You can see many cute pensions and houses with beautiful gardens in the surrounding area. You can reach here from the nearest major transport hub, Dalaman Airport.

10. Amos Beach (Marmaris)

Actually Amos is an ancient city where is located very close to the Marmaris, about 24 km. Amos Beach is waiting for you hiding between the two small and nice villages on the Bozburun peninsula. You will understand why Amos Beach is on the best beaches in Turkey list when you visit this wonderful place. It has a pebble beach, well-preserved theatre, cistern, temple and monuments to date. Here you can enjoy both sea pleasure and history. The closest airport to the Amos Beach is the Dalaman Airport where is around 90 km away.

11. Butterfly Valley (Fethiye)

Butterfly Valley is one of the first stops that come to mind of bohemian holidaymakers. It is located on the outskirts of Babadag, which is accepted as a world heritage site. Since the Butterfly Valley is accepted as a natural protected area, any kind of construction is prohibited. With its wonderful valley, trails and beach, Butterfly Valley is always on the best beaches in Turkey list. Therefore, holidaymakers generally prefer this place for camping. There is no direct road to the Butterfly Valley. You need to take a boat from the Oludeniz to the Butterfly Valley. Once more, Dalaman Airport is the closest airport to the Butterfly Valley.

12. Patara Beach (Kas)

Patara Beach is the longest beach in the Mediterranean. It also has the most beautiful sands of the Mediterranean coast and a rich structure in terms of history. The Temple of Apollo is here and is said to be the real hometown of St Nicholas. Patara Beach is also the home of the Caretta caretta. It is also is under protection as it is a spawning ground. Needless to say, of course, but the sea is, of course, blue flagged. All of these features of the Patara Beach make it on one of the top positions in the best beaches in Turkey list. Dalaman Aiport is the closest airport to Patara Beach.

13. Domuz Cukuru Beach (Datça)

Domuz Cukuru Beach is only accessible by boat operates between Marmaris and Datca. It consists of a mountainous forest covered with pine and carob trees, a calm bay and bungalow houses. Since it is not easy to reach, it is still one of the coves that have managed to stay untouched. That makes it into the best beaches in Turkey list. If you are looking for a holiday to be only with yourself Domuz Cukuru Beach is the right place. However, it can be fascinating for those who like to dive into the blue flag, deep blue sea. The nearest airport to the Domuz Cukuru Beach is the is Dalaman Airport.

14. Ortakent Beach (Bodrum)

Ortakent Beach is the closest beach to Bodrum, is one of the favourite stops of holidaymakers. It is around 10 km away from the Bodrum city centre. Ortakent Beach is in the best beaches in Turkey list because, it is suitable for many water sports from water skiing to sailing has also made this place a separate attraction. Also, the beach has a blue flag where you can freely swim without any doubt. Milas-Bodrum Airport is the closes airport to the Bodrum where you can find multiple flights everyday from Istanbul and Ankara.

15. Kumkoy Beach (Side)

The side is a must-see for both its nature and its historical treasures. Kumkoy Beach is on the best beaches in Turkey list with its long and sandy beaches. Every year, Kumkoy Beach hosts thousands of people from all around the world. That’s makes it for you to must to be seen. There are many hotels and resorts where you can stay along Kumkoy Beach. The nearest airport to the region is Antalya Airport.

16. Incekum Beach (Marmaris)

This is a bay near Sedir Island, facing the Cleopatra beach. Incekum Beach is on the best beaches in Turkey list with its fine sands. In Turkish, Incekum means fine sands. The sea is clear as an aquarium. You can reach Incekum Beach by minibuses from Camli village of Marmaris. On the beach, you can find a business that meets the needs of catering, sunbeds and cabins. Dalaman Airport is the closest airport to Incekum Beach.

17. Altinkum Beach (Didim)

Altinkum beach is one of the lively beaches of the Aegean coast. You can find many businesses where you can spend time along the beach. There is also a public beach open to all. There are also many houses and hotels in this region. Altinkum Beach is one of the oldest members of the best beaches in Turkey club for a very long time. Izmir Adnan Menderes Airport is the closest airport to Altinkum Beach.

18. Iztuzu Beach (Dalyan)

Iztuzu Beach is a 4.5 km long beach where is located very next to the Dalyan city centre. The beach is a natural wonder with its feature of being between seawater and freshwater. It is said that there is no place like this else in the world. Iztuzu Beach is also known as a Turtle Beach because Caretta Carettas lays their egg on this beach. In order not to disturb the turtles, Iztuzu Beach is closed between 20.00 – 08.00 and open to the public at other times. Iztuzu Beach is on the best beaches in Turkey list for a very long time. You can reach the Dalyan and Iztuzu just in 25 minutes from Dalaman Airport.

19. Cleopatra Beach (Alanya)

Cleopatra Beach is another beach in the best beaches in Turkey list with a blue flag. There is also Damlatas Cave is located at the foot and entrance of Alanya Castle. It is one of the places to see in Alanya with its golden sand and 2 km wide beach. Antalya and Gazipasa Airports are the closest airports to here.

20. Kadırga Bay (Assos)

Kadirga is a deep blue bay at the end of a road full of olive trees in the south of Asos. While Asos is already beautiful enough by itself, the magnificent nature of Kadırga Bay has also crowned this beauty and puts it in the best beaches in Turkey list. It has a long and stony beach and a blue flag sea. Transportation to Assos is very easy by car or bus. Edremit Airport is the closest airport to the Assos.

Best Beaches in Turkey Interactive Map

In this post, You can find the top 20 best beaches in Turkey and information about them like location, closest airport, sea and beach features. I hope that the list will help you to plan your trips to Turkey. Also, you can check the interactive map below to see all places of the beaches at once. I’m waiting for your suggestions and experiences in the comment section to improve the quality and content of this post.

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