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Woman sleeping with sleep mask

Best Sleep Masks for Women with Eyelash Extension

Sleep masks are always useful to have a high-quality sleep at any time during the day. They will cut off the light that helps you fell the ultimate darkness that helps you to sleep. In this post, you will find the best sleep masks for women. But there is an important trick on the table. If you are a woman you should want to buy a sleep mask with eyelash extension to keep your makeup on and good.

Generally, most of the sleep masks made from cotton, polyester, or silk based fabric material. With eyelash extension, most of the sleep mask has foam padding and a more comfortable feeling for the user. You will find detailed information about the best sleep masks for women with an eyelash extension list including every detail. Please feel free to share your insight about the products to help the other to make the right choice.

Best Sleep Masks for Women with Eyelash Extension Top 5 List

Bucky’s No Pressure Sleep Mask

This contoured design sleep mask with 3.5” (9 cm) tall and 9.5” (24 cm) wide is especially perfect for women with its eyelash extension. Also, you can use these sleep masks for your kids. Bucky’s No Pressure Sleep Mask is %100 polyester and can be wash by hand. You only need to wash it with cold water and let it dry. It is also ultralightweight which makes it easy to carry around.  With its eyelash extension, you won’t smudge your makeup or unwanted pressure on your eyes or head. It also totally blocks the light and gives a chance to you for a full night’s sleep during travel or in the day. You can choose different colors from below.

Key Features

  • Ultra-lightweight
  • %100 Polyester
  • Fully blocks out the light
  • Different designs
  • Comfortable usage

Sleep Mask with Bluetooth

If you are a person who likes to listen to music before sleep this is one is for you! Inside of the sleep mask, there is a Bluetooth headphone set that allows you to connect it to your phone or music device. It is compatible with the latest iPhone and Samsung devices, offers around 9 hours of playtime which is very good. It also offers an eyelash extension but it is not the best one, keep in mind. This sleep mask with Bluetooth is also adjustable according to the size of your head.

Key Features

  • Bluetooth feature
  • 9-hour playtime
  • Stereo sound
  • Comfortable and washable
  • Adjustable design

Dreamlight Ease Light 3D Sleep Mask

If you are looking for a full or darkness even during the brightest hours in a day. Dreamlight Ease Light 3D Sleep Mask has a patented unique design to improve the customer experience. Also, with its eyelash extension, it won’t apply any pressure to your eyes and head. You can fold it and carry to anywhere because it is also very light. If you buy this sleep mask you will get a 30-day money-back guarantee, 12 months warranty and technical support.

Key Features

  • %100 picth black darnkess
  • Exclusive air-layer structure and maximum comfort
  • Easy to use and travel friendly
  • Premium velcro closure
  • Quality guaranteed

Sleep Mask with Breathable Foam

With its breathable foam design, you will get less disrupted during your sleep and increase melatonin levels. This sleep mask with breathable foam also has an eyelash extension to prevent pressure to your eyes, hand damage your make up. Its eye space also one of the biggest in the market when you compared it to others. As a plus, you will get earplugs and a bag for free if you buy it.

Key Features

  • Breathable foam
  • Cools design
  • Adjustable strap
  • Wider eye space
  • Free earplugs and bag

3 Pack Sleep Mask for Women with Eyelash Extension

If you want to pay less and get more this one is for you. Inside of this sleep mask made of high-quality sponge and the rest of it from polyester and natural silk which is very comfortable. With a 45-degree tilt design in the eyelid area, you can adjust it based on your desire. It also has an adjustable rope design.

Key Features

  • Environmentally friendly material.
  • Ergonomic and modern design
  • %100 shading performance
  • Adjustable rope design
  • %100 satisfaction guarantee

Best Sleep Masks for Women with Eyelash Extension Lists

I listed the top 5 of the best sleep masks for women with eyelash extension. This list created based on the highest customer reviews in the market. If you buy any of them please don’t forget to share your experience. Also, if you have a suggestion for the products that should be on this list please share them also. Sleep well!

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