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Sardinia Island beach

Costa Smeralda: Sardinia’s Top Beaches

Costa Smeralda is maybe the most popular touristic destination of Sardinia especially for the lovers of beaches and seas. Most of the people who ever go to the Sardinia visit the Costa Smeralda at the very north of the island. Because Costa Smeralda offers more than 20 km long sandy beaches to its visitor with also warming sun and refreshing blue seas. This region is not like a district with one major centre. There are tons of small-town around the Costa Smeralda centre where you can stay and also enjoy the local foods. There are expensive and luxury places like five-star hotels, golf courses, villas and more but I will focus on for the common holiday tips about the Costa Smeralda in this post. If you are looking more to read about Sardinia don’t forget to take a look at the Sardinia Travel Guide. By the way, you can use the table of content below to read the topic you want directly.

One of the Beautiful beaches of Costa Smeralda
One of the beautiful beaches of Costa Smeralda (Source).

How to Go to Costa Smeralda?

There are tons of hotels and places to stay in this region. Most of them have a shuttle from the airports of Sardinia back to the hotel. So, they probably will take you from the airport for a small price. If you have an intent to use public transport to go to your hotel it may be a little hard. Because there is no train line or regular bus lines tho this region. The most efficient way is to take a taxi or rent a car.

Top 5 Beaches of Costa Smeralda

Grand Pevero Beach

Grande Pevero Beach is located just next to the Golf Pevero and will stun you with its sandy beaches and pure clear water. Actually all of the beaches in this list will stun you with their pure nature. Grande Pevero is one of the top beaches in whole Sardinia with Piccolo Pevero and maybe crowded especially during the summer. Also, there is a snack bar, boat rentals, sunbeds and umbrellas. So you don’t need to bring anything with you. By the way, another famous beach of Sardinia is the Piccolo Pevero where is just at the very west cove of the Grande Pevero Beach. Piccolo Pevero Beach has the same option for its visitors.

Capriccioli Beach

If you have kids, Capriccioli Beach is for you. Because there is a very big parking lot just behind the beach and also a building where includes a beach club and restaurants Capriccioli Beach is not a very big one and maybe crowded especially during the high season but it still worths to visit and enjoy the water and sun. Also, you can rent sunbeds and umbrellas.

Principe Beach

Well, Principe Beach is probably the most crowded beach in Sardinia. I don’t know but people love this small beach even if there are tons of people at the same time. There is no parking lot next to the beach. Because of this, you need to walk or take a taxi. Also, there is only one small bar where you can drink water and more.

Romazzino Beach

Another small but nice beach of Sardinia is the Romazzino Beach. Tourist mostly doesn’t prefer this beach because there are no bar or restaurant and also sunbeds. Also, Romazzino Beach is located between the high luxury villas and estates.

Liscia Ruja Beach

Welcome to the largest and longest beach of entire Costa Smeralda, Liscia Ruja Beach. There are both private and public beaches at Liscia Ruia. Also, you can many water activities here. There are multiple parking lots at the back of the beach between the trees. Also, you may find dozens of places to eat and drink. If you are looking for a more quiet beach you may go to the Petra Ruja Beach located a bit south of the Liscia Ruja Beach.

What to Do at Costa Smeralda Besides Beaches?

Maddalena Archipelago Tours

Costa Smeralda has tons of beaches to discover and enjoy the pure nature of Sardinia. But of course their other alternatives for you. One of them is visiting the Maddalena archipelago. You can join a tour from the widget below and discover Maddalena archipelago and a couple of other important places at Costa Smeralda. Maddalena archipelago is a remote island group located at the north of Costa Smeralda. In total, there are 8 separate islands. Only 2 of them is accessible by cars, Maddalena and Caprera. Of course, there are a couple of beaches where you can enjoy Sardinia’s waters but exploring the island is also another amazing experience.


Capo D’orso (Bear Rock)

Very close to the Costa Smeralda, Capo D’orso or Bear Rock in English is an interesting place to visit during your time in Sardinia. There is a bear-shaped rock at the cap. You just need to park your car at the parking lot at the entrance of the site. Then, you should take 10 to 15 minutes of walk to see the Roccia dell’ Orso. Entrance fee is around 3 Euros. Besides seeing this bear-shaped rock you may enjoy with the 360 degrees panoramic

Where to Stay at Costa Smeralda?

Don’tforget, Costa Smeralda is the most expensive and luxurious district of whole Sardinia. There are tons of hotels, villas, resort and more to stay. Just don’t forget to check all option located in Costa Smeralda or close districts. Because it may be way cheaper to stay in place rather than Costa Smeralda to close there. If you are thinking to stay at Costa Smeralda, Residenza Capriccioli, Cervo Hotel or Cala Di Volpe are the good options with high reviews.

How Many Days Do You Need to Visit Costa Smeralda?

There is no specific answer to this question. Because if you ask me I can stay for months in this region of Sardinia. Because there are tons of beaches swim and get a sunburn. Also, you can join tours from here to discover the caves of the region. But if you are looking for a more definitive answer you can make a plan like this. 3-4 days for enjoying the beaches and 2 days for joining tours will be enough. So, my suggestion is the spend a week at the Costa Smeralda.

Please share your experiences about Costa Smeralda and Sardinia at the comment section. You can take a look to Sardinia Travel Guide to read more about this unique island. Also, don’t forget to share you suggestions to improve the content and quality of this post. Enjoy!

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