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Serengeti National Park

Discover Serengeti National Park

We all watched lots of documentaries starting like “one day this big is looking for food for its babies. on the Serengeti National Park“.

The Serengeti National Park is a world-famous wildlife area located in the northern part of Tanzania. Serengeti is famous with its stunning annual migration of over more than a million of zebras and wildebeest, big and strong crocodiles, honey badgers and more. Each year more than 300.000 people visit Serengeti National Park where is opened in 1952.

Serengeti National Park is known for its plenitude of wildlife and biodiversity. You sure saw the videos of animal running on the flatland of Serengeti, swimming through the rivers under the threat of crocodiles and other raptors. Serengeti is like protected heaven for the innocent animal of the world and you can see them with joining a safari.

Serengeti Annual Migration
Millions of animal migrate every year on Serengeti. (Source)

Establishment of Serengeti National Park

One of the most valuable and protected lands in the world is the Serengeti National Park. Park was established in 1952. A few time later after the opening Serengeti became home for the huge wildlife spectacle on mother earth. During years, like elephants are also migrated to the park because of its safe-haven status for the wildlife.

How to get to Serengeti National Park?

Serengeti is about 7-hour drive away from the Arusha town. Arusha is the biggest town close to the park. There are also other towns like Karatu and Mto wa Mbu. Roads that go to the park renovated a couple of years ago, so it can be said that they are better than before.

When to Visit Serengeti National Park?

Probably you are not accustomed to the climate. I suggest that you should visit the park between June and October. Because those months is the dry season which better to observe the park and get around. Probably the winter is the best time to see animal herd in the south of the park, western and north is best for summer and autumn. Also, don’t forget April and May is the rainiest season for the park. During these months most of the camps and lodges will close.

There is another question also, how many days should I stay in Serengeti? That depends on your expectation and plan. If you want to discover the park and experience most of the things you will need about 10 days. 5-7 will be enough if you want to the major activities. Your tour operator and companies will inform you about the tour. You can find two tour operators for safari;

Achieve Global Safaris
Tel: +256-392-177-904
Email: info@ugandasafaristours.com
Website: http://www.ugandasafaristours.com

Focus East Africa Tours

Tel: +255-764-687-041
Email: info@focuseastafricatours.com
Website: http://www.focuseastafricatours.com

Don’t forget to check the credentials and references of these and other companies that you find on the internet. Also, you will find information on your hotel and even before your arrival, they will help you to book a place. Tours prices can go up to the 10.000 USD based on the luxury and facilities of it. You can also check the safaris from this page.

Big 5 That Must be Seen

Strong, big and hard to kill… Those animals call as the Big 5 in Serengeti. They are also very dangerous and kill you very easily but they should be in the to-see list during your trip.


They are big, so big! You will see them in groups like a number of 20 depending on the months and seasons. You can probably find them around the Seronera River. Also it quite probable to encounter with them on Turner 4 and Turner 2.  A number of the elephants in Serengeti on decrease trend and probably there are around 2000 of them.

Elephants on Serengeti
Elephant family chilling on grass. (Source)


They are very popular among the travellers of Serengeti. Leopards in Serengeti are very rare and difficult to spot them. You’re very lucky if you see them even with the binoculars. Locals use various signs of an animal such as hyenas to recognize them in a particular place and birds such as vultures which they will be waiting to eat the remains of animals left by the leopards.

Leopard on Serengeti
It is probably looking for its next meal. (Source)


They are the class of endangered rare species to be found due to poaching. If you want to see a Rhinocerous you should go to the Northern part of the Serengeti National park near Maasi Mara Nature Reserve Park. Because of the rarity of rhinoceros, many people combine their tour to Ngorongoro National Park to see them that you can think to do the same thing.

Rhinocerous on Serengeti
Big and scary but not dangerous than human. (Source)


Salute to the KING! You can find them almost everywhere on the Serengeti National Park. You can go to the Seronera to see them. Because at Seronera there are lots of animals that they can feed on. The presence of Sosage trees and acacia trees in Serengeti National Park have led the park to have tree-climbing lions where you can find one tree climbed by more than five lions at the same time. You will find this type of lions in the centre of the park. It is also possible to find them on the Kopjes that there is their mating area. They will probably sunbathe and rest during them over the rocks. There are probably more than 3000 of lions in the Serengeti National Park. Lions are generally lives and hunt with a group.

Lion on Serengeti
King is on the action. (Source)


Another Big 5 of the Serengeti is the buffaloes. They live a large group with more than 100 members. Officials of the park say there are more than 30.000 buffaloes living in the different part of the Serengeti National Park. As they are feeding with grass that allows them to live almost anywhere in the park. If you go to the park during the season they are also living in the Osupuko Camp. A weight of buffalo can rise up to 500 kg for a female and 1000 kg for a male! They are huge, big and strong.

Buffalo on Serengeti
Big and angry? (Source)

If you ever visited Serengeti National Park please share your experience and suggestions the comments section to improve this post and help people who are planning to visit.

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