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Yoros Castle from the Bosphorus Istanbul

Yoros Castle of Istanbul: Heritage from Byzantium

Yoros Castle, which is located on the Anadolu Kavagi towards the Black Sea exit of the Anatolian side of the Bosphorus and Istanbul, is one of the places where you can visit and enjoy the magnificent Bosphorus view while you are eating your breakfast. Also known as Genoese Castle, Yoros...

Assos (Behramkale) Canakkale Turkey

Assos (Behramkale): A Peaceful Holiday in Nature

Assos or Behramkale (Behram) is a very small town located at the Ayvacık district of the historical city of Turkey, Canakkale. Actually Assos is an ancient Aeolian city and a fishing village that its history goes back to the Bronze Age. If you are looking for a place to spend your time in...

Mount Nemrut: Kingdom of Commagene

Mount Nemrut has been the subject of the legend since the ancient times, and a today is a place where attracts traveller all around from the world. This mountain is defined as a sacred and holy place by the Kingdom of Commagene where calls the people to join a mysterious adventure to...

Hierapolis Ancient City and Pamukkale travertines

Hierapolis Ancient City and Pamukkale Travertines

One of the most extraordinary places to visit in Turkey is definitely the Hierapolis Ancient City and Pamukkale Travertines without any doubt. Actually Hierapolis Ancient City and Pamukkale Travertines are not located separately from each other. On the contrary, they are all together that...

Sardinia Cagliari Saint Remy Bastion terrace

Saint Remy Bastion: Symbol of Cagliari

Saint Remy Bastion is a neoclassical heritage of the capital city of the Sardinia Island, Cagliari where you need to see. Because of Saint Remy Bastion is not a regular historical landmark to visit. There are inspiring gallery section, monumental stairway and also a panoramic terrace...

Sardinia Island beach

Costa Smeralda: Sardinia’s Top Beaches

Costa Smeralda is maybe the most popular touristic destination of Sardinia especially for the lovers of beaches and seas. Most of the people who ever go to the Sardinia visit the Costa Smeralda at the very north of the island. Because Costa Smeralda offers more than 20 km long sandy...

Panoramic Prague view and old town

Prague Travel Guide: Everything You Need to Know

Prague is the capital and the largest city of Czech where is also one of the most important travel centres in Europe. In this Prague travel guide, you will find everything from you need to plan a trip to Prague, a very historical city and the hearth of the Bohemia. I will start with a...

Prague War Cemetery inside the Olsany Cemetery

Olsany Cemetery: Largest Necropolis of Prague

Olsany Cemetery is the biggest necropolis of the Prague and iconic places with its exceptional art nouveau monuments and artworks. Actually, Olsany Cemetery consists of a couple of different cemeteries. In times, each of these cemeteries extended and became one and the biggest cemetery in...