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National Gallery Prague: Kinsky Palace

National Gallery Prague where is previously known as the National Gallery in Prague is the heart of Prague’s largest collection for arts.  Its history dated back to the 5 February 1876. A couple of nobles of the Czech society decided to “transfer” their nobility to the...

The Church of Our Lady before Tyn

The Church of Our Lady before Tyn

One of the most famous symbols of Prague is The Church of Our Lady before Tyn, a gothic styled church more than 600 years old. Along with the other important heritages of Prague like Old Town Hall and Astronomical Clock, St. Nicholas Church and Prague National Gallery on the Old Town...

Interior of St. Vitus Cathedral, Nave, Prague

St. Vitus Cathedral: The Largest Temple in Prague

St. Vitus Cathedral is the largest and most important temple in Prague with its long-standing history over the centuries. Until 1997, St. Vitus Cathedral is only dedicated to the Saint Vitus because of this it still knowns as the St. Vitus Cathedral among the people. Its original name for...

Astronomical Clock of Prague

Old Town Square and the Astronomical Clock of Prague

Old Town (Staré Mesto) of Prague is the historical centre of the city where you can find worldwide famous Old Town Square (Staromestské námestí) and Astronomical Clock. In addition to these two important places, there are many spots you should see around the Old Town (Staré Mesto)  during...

Klementinum at night

The Clementinum and The National Library of Prague

The Clementinum and the National Library is one of the most historical landmarks of Prague where holds more than 6 millions books. Also, in Czech its called Klementinum. Actually, The Clementinum (Klementinum) and the National Library is not just one building. It is a complex of multiple...

Prague National Museum (Národní Muzeum)

Prague National Museum: Oldest Museum in Czech

Prague National Museum where is also knowns as the Národní Muzeum in the local language is the oldest and biggest museum in the entire Czech. This unique museum was founded in15 April 1818 by Kaspar Maria Sternberg who was the founder of modern palaeobotany. Today, the Prague National...

Prague Castle

Prague Castle Tour: Home of Bohemia’s Kings

Prague Castle Tour is should be on the top your things to do in Prague list to witness the culture, history and see the most significant heritage of Czech. One of the most important symbol of the Czech tradition is the Prague Castle. It was founded in around 870 by the Prince Borijov of...

Goreme Open Air Museum

Goreme Open Air Museum: Rock Churches

Goreme Open Air Museum is a very special place and center of the monastic life in the Cappadocia region for thousands of years. The story of the Goreme Open Air Museum started in the 4th century during the earlier time of Christianity. Monastery life became dominant in the region when the...