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The Falklands War Memorial in Stanley Falkland Islands

Visit Falkland Islands: Explore The Stanley

Have you ever think to visit Falkland Islands? If the answer is no, it should be yes! The Falkland Islands or Islas Malvinas in Spanish is one of the British overseas territories which is located in the south of the Atlantic ocean where only around 4000 people are living. If you want to visit Falklands Islands you should know that it made up of numerous islands but there are two big ones with names West and East Falkand. The capital of the islands is Stanley located on the East Falkland.

If you’re looking for a place full of nature, stunning landscape and beaches, the answer is simple: visit Falkland Islands. This isolated island from the part of the world could be one of the greatest destinations to experience. It can be quite tiring to reach the island but it will surely worth it.

History of the Falkland Islands

I think it is better to know a few things about the history of these islands. I will give you very brief information about this unique place. The history of the islands goes back to more than five hundred years. The Falkland Islands were uninhabited when discovered by the explorers first time. The French founded the first colony on the island in 1764. Only one year after Britain claimed the island and in 1770 Spanish army cames from Argentina with 1400 armed and 5 ships forcing the British to leave the Port Egmont. Britain returned to the island in 1883 after the withdrawal of Spanish forces in 1811. After more than 150 years later Argentinian junta invaded the island on 2 April 1982 and Britain responded with a powerful force that forced the Argentines to surrender.

British soldier during the war
British soldier during the war. (Source)

Getting to Falkand Islands

You have multiple ways to reach the Falkland Islands. You can choose both air or sea to get there. The first way can be LATAM Airlines which operates every Saturday from Santiago (Chile) to the island. It is better to check the flight days in case of any change. There is an only direct flight from Brize Norton in Oxfordshire to the capital of the Falkland Islands, Stanley. This flight only stops at Cape Verde for a refuel. You can also think to came islands with cruise journey. There are lots of companies comes to the islands. In 2009, the island gains its full-self government status. Falkland government is fully free for its internal affairs and only bonded to the Britain international affairs and army.

Mount Pleasant Airport

All the flight comes to the Falkland Island cames to the Mount Pleasent Airport where is running by UK Ministry of Defence. Generally, flight leaves from the UK on Sundays and Wednesday and return flights are Tuesdays and Fridays. If you are thinking about the visit the island it is better to check this website to get more information.

Public Transport in the Falkland Islands

Briefly, there is no regular public transportation system in Falkland Island. There are only two taxi services to travel around Stanley and a few surrounding areas. Your only option is to hire a driver and rent a car to get around. Also, don’t forget the speed limits, 40 km/h in centres and 64 km/h elsewhere. If you have lots of money you can take the flight to see the beauties of the islands from above. Also there two seaports in the Falkland Islands, Stanley (East Falkland) and Fox Bay (West Falkland). There regular ferry services between these two seaports since 2008.

Staying At Falkland Islands

You can use booking to find your accommodation but be sure wherever you stay you will feel the hospitality of Falkland people. They will provide information about the places to visit during your stay. Generally, people prefer to stay the capital of the island, Stanley. You will find lots of places to stay with nested with nature.

Stanley Falkland Islands
Nature, sea, wildlife and colour. (Source)

If you like staying on remote settlements the Falkland Island is the best for this type of desire. You can experience the dark night full of stars and the sound of the wildlife. It’s better to rent the countryside lodges and guest houses. You can print the Stanley Accommodation Map given below to use and get an idea about the city.

Stanley Accommodation Map

Eat & Drink At Falkland Islands

If you have any question in your mind about what to east in the Falkland Islands. Be sure about the islanders are proud of their home-cooked food and delicious. So, don’t worry about the food during your stay. You will find good food at your accommodations. Generally people eas mutton chops, sausage, bacon and eggs, kind of regular British breakfast. For the midday, you can eat soup with fresh bread and for the dinner deep-sea fish and home-grown vegetables.

Falkland Smoko

This one is must to be tried for you during your stay. Smoko is a Falkland tradition plate with full of home-baked cookies, cakes other various desserts which can not be refused. Smoko will be served on almost any time during the days. So better to prepare your stomach 🙂

Falkland Smoko Tradition
Home-baked cookies, cakes and dessert will be your favourite. (Source)

If you’re staying in Stanley you will find various places to eat and drink at the city. Don’t forget to taste the typical drinks of the Stanley and the Falkland Islands like squid, lamb, beef, mutton, and goose pate. If you like to eat veggies you will also find lots of alternatives for you. For the drinks, teas, coffees, and hot chocolates are ideal to drink and warm up yourself during the cold days of Falkland. If you like to drink alcohol you can try Peat Cutter and Rock Hopper as one of the Falkland Beerworks. Hot Toddy is also another option that made rum with hot water and sugar.

Top 5 Places to See in Falkland Island

1. Stanley the Tiny Capital

If you ever visit Falkland Islands here is your first stop. Stanley is maybe one of the most beautiful and cute capitals of the world with its shore stretched harbour, colourful building and warm, friendly and helpful people. you will find various buildings with different architectural styles with the features of British heritage. Walking through the streets of this cute town will a nice experience for you.

Tiny and cute houses of Stanley
Tiny and cute houses of Stanley. (Source)

2. Christ Church Cathedral

This church is the Anglican cathedral which is located in the most southern part of the world. Christ Church Cathedral was constructed in 1892 by the Waite Hockin Stirling who is the first bishop of the Falkland Islands. Cathedral is open 365 days for its visitor, worshipper, and believers.

Christ Church Cathedral in Stanley
Christ Church Cathedral in Stanley. (Source)

3. SS Great Britain Mizzen Mast

This one is an iconic thing to see in Stanley. The mizzen mast of the SS Great Britain is mounted on Victory Green in central Stanley. The steamship was the first of its kind to be constructed, screw propelled and from iron, in 1843 in Bristol by Isambard Kingdom Brunel. Maybe not one of the most impressive things in the world but worth to see if you visit Falkland Islands.

Mizzen mast of the SS Great Britain
Mizzen mast of the SS Great Britain. (Source)

4. Government House

This tiny house is the office of Governor of the Falkland Islands. Building designed by Governor Moody in 1845. You will see a stone part of the building. It is from the original house. By other governors, in years new parts added to the building.

Government House in Stanley
It is not that big, right? (Source)

5. Historic Dockyard Museum

Another place should be seen if you visit Falkland Islands. This awarded museum located on Ross Road in Stanley. Historic Dockyard Museum holds a collection with models, seafaring tales, artifacts and relics from ships stood in the Islands. There is also a gift shop in the museum to buy souvenirs for yourself and loved ones. Also, the Historic Dockyard Museum moved in its new building in 2014.

Historic Dockyard Museum in Stanley
In 2014 the Falkland Islands Museum moved to the Historic Dockyard (1844) in Stanley. (Source)

I only write 5 top places located in Stanley but there are lots of places to experience and see in the Falkland Islands. Each island offers its own unique beauty to you.

Also, I prepared a things-to-do list for you;

  • Observe Bird & Sealife
  • Visit 1982 war Cemeteries
  • Take a trail in Falkland
  • Fishing & Sailing
  • Wildlife photography

Please share your experience and suggestions on the comment section to improve the quality of this content. If you want to visit Falkland Islands feel free to ask question in your mind.

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