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Hamburg Airport

Hamburg Airport Transportation Guide

Hamburg is the biggest city in Northern Germany and also the 8th largest of the European Union with its population of around 2 million. Hamburg Airport is the 5th busiest airport in Germany and one of the important hubs for travelers in Europe. Also, the name of the airport change to the Hamburg Airport Helmut Schmidt after the former and famous German chancellor but many still call the airport just Hamburg Airport. Based on the 2018s statistics almost 20 million passengers used this airport. Today, there are flights more than 130 sessions around the world, mostly European locations. By the way, Hamburg Airport has 2 terminals, it is better to check about before arrival.

 Interior of the Hamburg Airport
Interior of the Hamburg Airport (Source).

There are also low-cost airlines operates from here to different locations. Hamburg Airport is also big enough to hold wide-bodied aircraft Airbus A360. In this post, you will find detailed information about Hamburg Airport and also tips about how to go to the city center from Hamburg Airport or to close locations like Bremen, Sytl, Flensburg, Hannover and Rostock.

Where Is The Hamburg Airport?

IF you are going to Hamburg, you are lucky! Because Hamburg Airport is very close to the city center and it has various transportation options to get to the city center within a very short time. One of the traveler-friendly airport in the world! Hamburg Airport is only 10 km away from the Hamburg city center and located in the very north of it, between the 433 and 447 highways.

  • Bremen: 130 km
  • Sytl: 250 km
  • Flensburg: 153 km
  • Hannover: 172 km
  • Rostock: 187┬á km

Transportation Options From/To Hamburg Airport to the Hamburg City Center

Hamburg Airport is definitely traveler-friendly! Because there is a very good settled public transportation system. It is very easy to reach the Hamburg city center from Hamburg Airport. Germany has a very good public transportation system wherever you go. It is the same for Hamburg Airport. You can choose between trains, buses, and taxis to reach the city center. I will explain each option in detail. You can buy tickets for public transportation from both offices in the airport or ticket machines. On tickets machine banknotes, changes and credit cards are working but I had a problem with my credit card. Because it says that my card didn’t have German Mastercard, as expected ­čÖé Ticket prices are varying for each option and number of the passengers.

Train Lines

There is a very good metro line working at Hamburg Airport. I will write it in the metro subhead because Germans named it S-Bahn (metro rail network) not Regional (Conventional trains) ones.

Metro and Tram Lines

At the Hamburg Airport, you will directly see the sign of the metro line with the S1 S-Bahn sign. If you want to use the metro follow that signs. Actually this line part of the city metro network and not working as a direct shuttle to the city center like Viennas dobule decker shuttle train. Hamburg green metro line which name is S1 operates between the Wedel and Poppenb├╝ttel/Hamburg Airport. From the airport, it is very easy to use the S1 just buy the tickets get on but getting back to the airport you need to be careful about one thing. Each time six-car long metro leaves from Wedel. At the Ohlsdorf station, first three-car of it goes to the Hamburg Airport and last three one to the Poppenb├╝ttel. Often warning made about each at Hamburg Central Train Station and each station after it.

There are only 10 stations between the Hamburg Airport and Hamburg Central Train Station which will take approximately 25 minutes. You can also get off at Barmbek, L├╝becker Strabe, Berliner, Landungsbr├╝cken and Altona stations to transfer the other metro or regional lines. The average ticket price is around 3.20 euros for one adult but their different types of tickets way more economic for groups, daily or weekly tickets. It is better to check the ticket types in advance from their official website. S1 line operates on 24 hours on 10 to 20 minutes of interval, not need to worry about missing the train! If you want to use the Regional Train you should go to Hamburg Central Train or Altona Station.

Hamburg Airport S-1 Metro Train
You will reach to the city center within 25 minutes (Source).

Bus Lines

There are different bus lines from Hamburg Airport to the different centers of Hamburg city and other cities in Germany. Based on my experience, the metro is the best option to use to go to the Hamburg city center from Hamburg airport but of course, you have other options. You can find detailed information about the bus lines below;

Airport Express Buses

  • Operates between 05.00 to 22.45
  • Departs from the bus are between Terminal 1 and Terminal 2.
  • To Ohlsdork train station (every 20 minutes)
  • To Altona station (every 30 minutes)
  • 2.95 Euro for one adult and 1.10 Euro for children for one-way

Shuttle Buses

  • There is only one departure daily
  • Operates between Airport and Hamburg Central Bus Station
  • To Hamburg Airport Terminal at 23.00
  • To Hamburg Central Bus Station at 23.30
  • Prices vary between 9.00 to 49 Euro

Public Buses

  • MetroBus 26 operates between Airport and Bf Rahlsedt
  • 04.56 to 20.55 with 20 minutes of interval (Monday to Saturday)
  • 05.36 to 20.57 with 20 minutes of interval (Sunday and holidays)
  • 2.95 Euro for one adult and 1.10 Euro for children for one-way
  • HVV Express Bus 39 operates between Airport and Wandsbek
  • 06.08 to 22.29 with 20 minutes of interval (Weekdays)
  • 05.59 to 22.29 with 20 minutes of interval (Saturdays)
  • 08.30 to 22.59 with 20 minutes of interval (Sunday and holidays)
  • 4.10 Euro for one adult and 2.40 Euro for children for one-way
  • HVV Bus 274 operates between Airport and Ohldorf Station
  • Only departs at night in weekends
  • 2.95 Euro for one adult and 1.10 Euro for children for one-way
  • HVV Bus 292 operates between Airport and Ochenzoll station
  • 05.16 to 23.29 with 15 minutes of interval (Weekdays)
  • 05.16 to 23.29 with 30 minutes of interval (Saturdays)
  • 07.29 to 23.29 with 30 minutes of interval (Sunday and holidays)
  • 2.95 Euro for one adult and 1.10 Euro for children for one-way
  • HVV Night Bus 606 operates between Airport and Glash├╝tte
  • Depart at 01.40, 02.10, 02.40, 03.40 and 04.40 (Weekdays)
  • 2.95 Euro for one adult and 1.10 Euro for children for one-way
Electrical buses of HVV
You will probably use one of the electrical buses of HVV (Source).

Other Bus Lines

If it is not enough for you there are bus lines to use ­čÖé Bus lines 23 (Airport to Billstedt), 34 (Airport to Kirchdorgf Sud) and 114 (Airport to Klosterstern) operates from Lufthansa Technik, located on the western part o the airport. You can reach there by taking the airport shuttle from the P9 parking which departs at every 10 minutes. Ticket prices for these bus lines are 2.95 Euro for adults and 1.10 Euro for the child in one way.

FlixBus from Hamburg Airport

If you want to go to the other cities from Hamburg Airport you can use FlixBus for it. You can check their website and buy the ticket in advance. It is not possible to list all lines from Hamburg Airport. For example, it takes approximately 9 hours from Hamburg Airport to Copenhagen for just 40 Euro.

Flixbus in Hamburg
FlixBus operates to multiple locations from Hamburg Airport (Source).


When you have so other options you probably won’t need to take a taxi from the airport. But in case if you need them you can use them without any problem. The only advice that I can give you about the taxis you can arrange a fixed price if you going to a place other than the Hamburg city center.

Private Transfer

It is always possible to set up a private transfer from Hamburg Airport to the city center or any location. There are lots of agencies offering services. It is always better to check them in advance and get confirmation.

Car Rental

If you go to the Termina you will see there are lots of car rental agencies. When I went there there were Sixt, Europcar, Hertz, Avis, Enterprise and a couple of other companies there.

Pros and Cons of The Airport


  • Very easy to reach
  • Very close to the city center
  • Low-cost airlines
  • Perfectly settled public transportation system


  • Probably need a renovations and improvements┬á in future

My suggestion for going to the Hamburg city center from the airport, use the metro line. It is cheap, fast and comfortable. I hope you will enjoy your time in the one of the best cities for Germany. Feel free to ask about the content of this post and please share your experiences.

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