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The Hearth of Antalya

Heart of Antalya: Sister of London Eye

London Eye is the most famous Ferris wheel in the world. Now, she has a sister from Antalya, Turkey. Heart of Antalya opened in summer of 2019. It weighs more than 400 tons and a height of 90 meters. As you know, Antalya is one of the top touristic destinations in both Europe and the world. Every year millions of tourists visit this city and its sea-side spots. Now, there is one more attraction for you in Antalya.

Biggest Ferris Wheel in Turkey

Heart of Antalya is the biggest Ferris wheel in Turkey. It is also 2nd in Europe and 5th in the world. It finished one tour within 18 minutes and have 42 closed cabins, 4 of them are VIP. All pieces of the Ferris wheel manufactured in China and it took two months to bring them to the Antalya. Installiations of the pieces took another 8 months. Now she is open and waiting for her visitors from around the world. Cost of the Ferris wheel is around 500.000 USD.

Heart of Antalya from ground
Heart of Antalya from the ground (Source).

Ticket prices are also quite cheap for tourists. For one adult is 30 Turkish lira. If you want to buy a ticket for one of the VIP cabins you have to pay 200 Turkish Lira. Actually, I think there is no difference between normal and VIP cabins. For just 18 minutes you don’t need to pay that much money. The view is the same, speed is the same. There 8 people in normal cabins instead of 4 in VIP. Also, you have to buy a pre-paid card to use the Ferris wheel. After you get off you can return it to park and get the deposit money back. But they only take back the card from the entrance of the amusement park. You can also use that card for everything in the amusement park.

Heart of Antalya cabins
All of the cabins of Hearth of Antalya are air-conditioned (Source).

Where is Hearth of Antalya?

Heart of Antalya is very close to the Konyaaltı district. Unfortunately, there is no direct tram line to go to the amusement park which name is Aktur Park. The amusement park is between the main campus area of the Akdeniz University (north) and Antalya Migros Mall (south). If you’re staying in Konyaaltı district it is very easy to reach the amusement park with taxis. You can also take taxis from the last station of the T2 tram line. Name of the station is “Müze” which means museum in Turkish. There is a bus stop at the Antalya Migros Mall for several bus lines. You can take a small walk to reach the Heart of Antalya but it can be very hot during noon. Be careful!

If you visited both the London Eye and Heart of Antalya please compare your experience on the comment section. Also, feel free to write below if you have any question about this place.

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