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John Lennon Wall: Graffiti Wall of Prague

John Lennon Wall or Lennon Wall with its more common name is the John-Lennon inspired graffiti wall of with full of lyrics from Beatles songs. After the association of John Lennon on 8 December 1980, he became a pacifist hero for the young Czech people. Actually history of John Lennon Wall dates back until the 1960s. A wall just in front of the French Embassy in Czech became a very centre for the poems and messages against the communist regime. But the wall started to call as John Lennon Wall especially after the drawing of the portrait of Lennon, a little later from his assassination. I think that the wall is a unique place to visit. It is very close to the Clementinum and Charles Bridge which makes to visit very conveniently.

Coexist message on John Lennon Wall
Coexist message on John Lennon Wall (Source).

John Lennon Wall’s Journey

An unknown artist drew the symbol of John Lennon over the wall just after the murder as I mentioned above. Especially after the murder, the wall became the hearth of the messages about freedom, oppression, policy and more. Especially during 1988, the wall became the source of the reaction against the Gustav Husak’s communist regime. However, with the increase of the attention against the wall from time to time, there were some conflicts occurred between young Cezch and police around the Charles Bridge. Over the years from the 20th century, the wall always became the centre of the reaction against the nation or worldwide event. You will see the marks and painting over the wall about many important incidents. Based on my experience, you should spare a couple of hours to visit the wall to witness history.

Where is The John Lennon Wall?

Most of the people ignore to visit the wall or unaware of its existence. I know, Prague has lots of important landmarks and places to visit like St. Vitus Cathedral, Old Town Center, Prague Zoo, Wenceslas Square, Petrin Lookout Tower and more but bu sure that the wall is definitely worth to visit. The wall is located just next to the Vltava river and very close to the west entrance of Charles Bridge. You don’t need to use public transport to go to the wall. My suggestion is to take wall through the Charles Bridge. After you pass the Charles Bridge, you will see the Karel Zeman Museum on your left and the wall is behind the building. Also, don’t raise your expectation about the wall. It is not huge or very big but its meaning is beyond through years, even centuries. Try to focus on its meaning more than its size. However, if you share an Instagram photo of the wall of yourself don’t forget to add #wecitygude on the caption.

Prague is a very historical city with various places to visit and experience. John Lennon Wall may not be one of the leading places to visit or the most visited but definitely worth to see and experience. Please share your experiences and thoughts about the wall. However, if you are looking for a place to visit or join to tour please check the widget below.

John Lennon Wall FAQs

Where is John Lennon Wall?

The official address of the John Lennon Wall is the Velkopřevorské náměstí, 100 00 Praha 1, Czechia. If you are looking for more unformal address, John Lennon Wall is at the western exit of the Charles Bridge in the Prague city centre.

Is there a fee to visit the John Lennon Wall?

There is no entrance fee or tickets to visit the John Lennon Wall. It is totally free. Most of the daily walking tours in Prague stops at the John Lennon Wall.

Why is there a John Lennon Wall in Prague?

John Lennon Wall does not only represent the John Lennon himself but also his ideas, especially peace and non-violent behaviours. John Lennon Wall built against the oppressive communist regime in Prague.

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