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Various passports from different countries

Keep Your Passport Safe: 4 Tips for Travellers

How to keep your passport safe is one of the most important questions every traveller need to answer and learn ways to do it. Your best friend is your passport during your time abroad. Losing or damaging your passport shouldn’t be an option for you. So you need to know how to keep your passport safe. Passports are small but the most important tool for your journey. They are proof your nationality, entry permits and ID. You will find a couple of tips to keep your passport safe in this blog. Please don’t forget to add more if you have to know more answers to how to keep your passport safe question on the comment section.

4 Tips to Keep Your Passport Safe

Have The Copy of Your Passport

Leaving your passport in your hotel room or home is one of the most convenient ways. You are endangering your passport while you are carrying it everywhere with you. You may forget it one of the cafe’s table or drop it on the toilet. But if you carry the copy of first and visa page that would be a solution to this problem. Most of the official will understand your concern and accepts those copied pages. Because even you have copies of y our passport its barcode can be read by a scanner in case of need. Having a copy of your passport is the fundamental way to keep your passport safe.

Keep Your Passport Locked in a Safe

If you are staying in a hotel room, there should be at least a small safe for your precious belonging. Your passport is the most precious belonging during your time abroad. So, one of the best way to keep your passport safe is to put into safe while you are out. If you don’t have a safe in your room don’t forget to ask the reception if they have one that you can use during your time out.

Hide Your Passport

If you didn’t manage to find a safe to keep your passport safe you may think to hide it. You can hide your passport in your room. It may be hard to find a place to hide your passport but try to be creative. However, if you don’t want to take the risk at your room you can buy one of the kangaroo type bags which has hidden pockets. These type of bag are a bit different than the regular ones and maybe a solution to keeping passport safe problem. If you have this kind of bag don’t forget to share them in the comment section to help the others.

Protect Your Passport

Keeping safe your passport does not only mean that you need to hide from someone else. You also need to protect from various other enemies such as weather. Humidity is one of the most predominant enemies of the passports. As you know pages of the passport a bit of fragile and need to be protected from environmental effects. Your passport should completely dry. One of the best ways to protect your passport is to buy a passport covers from online. If anything happens to your passport don’t forget to inform the nearest embassy or consulate of your country. Don’t forget you need your passport to leave the country. Copies you took at first tip won’t be enough to travel.

Of course, there should be more way to keep or protect your passport. Please share your ideas and way in the comment section to improve the length of this content. Happy travelling!

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