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Trinity Bouy Wharf

Lonely Lighthouse of London

You will explore the different type of London landmark this time. You know Westminister, London Eye and Big Ben, everybody knows them. But know its time to meet the only and the lonely lighthouse of London. Yes, you read right, London has a lighthouse.

It always nice to explore the hidden gems of the cities. Like lesser-known districts, streets, buildings and landmarks. London’s only lighthouse is one of these lesser-known beauties of London. London doesn’t have a seaside but she has River Thames and there are quite docklands within the deeps of the meeting point of River Lee and River Thames.

Only lighthouse of London
London’s only lighthouse is at the Trinity Buoy Wharf (Source).

Only and Alone Lighthouse of London

This lighthouse built between 1864 and 1866. The main purpose of the lighthouse was to test the new types of lights and lamps technologies developed by British researchers.  Lighthouse is located in the area called Trinity Buoy Wharf. More than 200 years, the Trinity House of Deptford Strong used this area to land as lightboard dock, storage and maintenance depot. By the year 1910, wharf so busy that more than 150 people were working in the area which is a quite high number for that date.

In 1988, wharf closed and the future of it remained uncertain. After 8 years, a private company bought the land with a long lease and convert the area into a cultural center for art and activities. Today, this area becomes one of the best places to chill out with its bizarre components. For example, this lighthouse is now home of the music melody which will played 1000 years until 31 December 2999. There is a listening room inside of the lighthouse and you can get in there and listen to the live stream.

Where is Trinity Bouy Wharf and Lighthouse?

Trinity Bouy Wharf is located on the east side of London very close to London City Airport. The easiest way to go to the light is by taking a 10-minute long walk from the East India Dock DLR station. Also, you have another option to get there. You can take another walk from the Canning Town Station and it will take around 15 minutes of walk. If you are coming to the area from the south side of the river, there are regular shuttle boat service which will take you to the North Greenwich pier directly.

If you have experienced this unique place in London please share your thought about it to let others know about it! Also if you go to the Trinity Bouy Wharf don’t forget to visit the surrounding places on both side of the river. The Crystal and A Slice of Reality worth to see places.

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