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Lviv Citadel Lviv Ukranie

Lviv Citadel: Former Defence Barracks

Lviv is a mysterious and lovely city of Ukraine located in the western part of the country and Lviv Citadel is one of the most important landmarks of the city. There are other places to see in Lviv of course but citadel is on the top of the must to be seen a list.

Lviv Citadel Tower 1
Tower 1 of the Lviv Citadel (Source)

Story of Lviv Citadel

In the beginning, Lviv Citadel planned to be a complex defence building. Lviv Citadel constructed over the mountains of Kalicha, Shenbek and Pelchynska. At that date, the Austrian government worked out several fortification projects after the year of 1848. Because ın 1848 there was a Spring of Nations. Austrians planned to build this citadel to unleash o fear through its own citizens not to riot or something else. Basically, citadel didn’t build for the other enemy. But the Citadel never used as intended during planning and construction. During the 1918 November, citadel captured after the several week-long of battles by the Poles and stay partially ruined for a very long time.

Citadel Inn Hotel, Lviv
Citadel Inn Hotel, Lviv (Source).

Citadel is a complex building. It has one barracks and six towers. Four of those towers are round and two of them are square. Unfortuenly Tower 3 is ruined. Tower 4 is restored but not in use right now. There is a restaurant in Tower 2 where is fully restored. Also, there is a hotel here whose name is Citadel Inn. If you are going to Lviv, staying in Lviv Citadel Inn should be a place to stay. If you want to feel the spirit of the Austiro-Hungarian Empire in the heart of the Lviv. Citadel Inn has 13 standard and 11 superior rooms and also 2 suites for its visitors. As its position of high top, you can have a panoramic view of the Lviv and experience a medieval, different atmosphere.

Where is the Lviv Citadel?

We can say that it is very close to the city centre of Lviv. There is an avenue at the city center where is the statue of Taras Shevchenko, Monument to Adam Mickiewicz and Lviv Latin Cathedral. You just need to take 900 meters of long walk from there to the citadel. I’m strongly suggesting to take this walk because you will see many historical buildings, experience artitechure of the city and feel the atmosphere of the daily life in Lviv. But if you don’t want to just take a cab. In Lviv, taxis are quite cheap because of the Ukranian currency, Hrivna. But don’t forget to tell the taxi drivers where will you go and ask the price not to get scammed.

If you ever visited Lviv Citadel or Citadel Inn Hotel please share your experience to help the others. Also, ıf you have questions in your mind about this unique landmark feel free to ask them in the comment section.

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