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National Theatre Prague (Národní Divadlo) and its main hall

National Theatre Prague: Národní Divadlo

National Theatre Prague or with original name Národní Divadlo is center of the culture of Prague and a national monument for Cezch. When it comes to cultural activate in Prague, National Theatre Prague (Národní Divadlo) is the first places come to the mind. The main building of the theatre is located just next to Charles Bridge on the eastern bank of Vltava river. Today, theatre actually consists of three-part; drama, ballet and opera. Actually, National Theatre Prague has different stages around Prague like Estates and Kolowrat Theatres. On these three stages, a world-wide and local performance holds during the year.

National Theatre Prague (Národní Divadlo)
National Theatre Prague (Národní Divadlo) from Petrinska Tower (Source).

Construction of the Theatre

The idea of the construction of a national theatre on Prague dates back to the year of 1844. But people need to wait around 20 years more to start the construction. The first stone of the theatre laid down on 16 May 1868. The mastermind of the National Theatre idea is the Frantisek Palacky. He applied to the Bohemian Assembly on 29 January 1845 and for an allowance of construction, maintaining and managing of an independent nationwide theatre. As a result of application he granted for his request in April 1845. For a construction site of the National Theatre, a place next to the Vltava river and Charles Bridge with a clear panorama of Prague Castle selected.

Construction plans of the national theatre suspended for a while during the reign of Von Bach and an idea of using a temporary building supported. For this, a building designed by the architect Vojtech Ignac Ulman on 18 November 1862 thought to be used. This temporary building became part of the main building in the following years. Even today you can see the outside cladding of the temporary building. But the interior part of that building removed during the renovation of National Theatre Prague (Národní Divadlo) between 1977 and 1983. There are a triga (three-horse quadriga) and 10 exterior allegorical sculptures at the theatre. These artworks made by the Bohuslav Schnirch. However, there are a couple of important sculptures made by the Antonin Wagner and Max Verich.

Narodni Divadlo, National Theater, Prague
The main hall of the National Theatre Prague (Národní Divadlo) (Source).

Where is The National Theatre Prague (Národní Divadlo)?

Theatre is located on a very central location in Prague. Because it is very close to a couple of popular and iconic places in both the Old and New cities such as Charles Bridge, Clementinum, Astronomical Clock, St. Nicholas’ Church, Tyn Cathedral, Jewish Quarter, Wenceslas Square and more. Prague is a perfect city for you if you are like walking. Because most of the places worth to visit are very close to each other. Just by walking you can easily reach more than 10-15 famous places in Prague. My suggestion to go to the theatre is just taking a walk. It is just located on the eastern bank of the Vltava river and accessible from most of the Prague centre. For the public transport, you may find the options below;

  • Národní divadlo tram station: Lines 1, 2, 9, 17, 18, 22, 25, 93, 97, 98 and 99
  • Národní třída metro station: Line B (Yellow)

The National Theatre Prague (Národní Divadlo) Tour and Ticket

You can just go to the theatre and visit without any tickets or reservation but if you want to attend a show you need to buy a ticket. Also, you need the follow the dress of the theatre. You can buy tickets for the show will hold on national theatre from the box offices on the main and side building. But if you are looking for show tickets or tour tickets in advance please check the widget below.


Don’t forget to share your experiences and suggestion about the National Theatre Prague (Národní Divadlo) on the comment section. Also, if you have a question on your mind feel free to share them.

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