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Sylt island

Perfect Island of Germany: Sylt (Westerland)

Sylt is maybe one of the perfect islands in the world. This unique resort island of Germany has sandy beaches more than 40 km long. Sylt island where is also called Westerland lies in the northern part of Germany, very close to the Denmark border. If you are looking for a mind-calming and virgin place to rest your soul for a time Sylt is the right place for it. In this post, you will find detailed information about Sylt and attractions of it.

Sylt Island nature
You will be mesmerized by the nature of Sylt (Source).

Meeting with Sylt Island

Sylt Island is located in the northern part of Germany. Actually, this remote island is very popular among German people as a high-quality resort place for a holiday but it becoming more and more popular among foreign tourists. The total population of the island is just about 9000 which is quite low which makes this place quieter. If you ever go to the Sylt you will experience stunning sandy beaches, high waves of open seas which is a dream for the surfers, green nature, unique houses and of course magnificent lighthouses. Island is also called a Westerland where is the central district of the island.

How to Go to Sylt Island?

There are a couple of ways to reach the island but not by driving a car directly because there is no road connection between the island and the mainland. Still, there is one way to bring your car to the island. I will summarize each way to reach the Sylt.

Sylt Airport (Flughafen Sylt)

Sylt island has a very small airport and it is only accessible by the domestic flights within Germany excepts Zurich from Switzerland. You can fly here from Berlin, Hamburg, Düsseldorf, Köln, Frankfurt, München, Mannheim and Stuttgart airports. Nevertheless, I’m strongly suggestings not to take a flight to reach the island because if the perfect scenery of the train route to the island.

Westerland Train Station

Based on my experience the best way to reach the island is by taking the train. You have to make a couple of transfers if you are coming to the island from cities other than Hamburg. There is a direct train line (RE 6) from Hamburg Altona station to Westerland train station which takes around 4 hours of enjoying the ride with beautiful scenery. Approaxmetly there are trains almost every hour from Hamburg Altona station but also from other regional lines from other minor stations like Elmshorn and all. You should check the Deutsche Bahn website for detailed information about the lines. Also, you will find super saver tickets in advance. you will get a QR code for your mobile phone.

Westerland train station
Traveling Giant In Wind Statue will welcome you (Source).

If you have a car and want to bring it to the island you should follow a different way for it. You can go to the island with your car but you need to take a double-decker car train from the Niebüll train station on the mainland. The trip will take around 30-40 minutes and you should stay in your car whole because there is no Pullman or places to sit for the passengers. Car trains depart every 30 minutes during the day except between 00.00 and 05.00. Ticket prices for the car train are of course higher than the passenger train and depend on your car type.

Sylt car trainDouble-decker car train of Westerland (Source).


Other Ways

You can also reach to Sylt by bus and ferries. If you use buses you will have to take a train from the Niebüll station. So, I think that you don’t need to mix things just take a train ticket and enjoy the ride. There are also ferries from the Danish port of Havneby, on the island of Romo where is very easy to reach by using the highway and the German port of List. These ferries are for both passengers and cars but reservations needed at advance and prices would be higher than trains.

Public Transportation in Sylt Island

Sylt maybe a very small and less populated island but have a very good public transportation network for its visitors. Sylt island divided up to 10 zones by SVG (name of the company) and 5 lines cover all zones. You check the webpage from this link but there are no English options for it. There will be a line based detailed information about frequency, time tables and maps of the lines for both summer and winter seasons. It is also possible to use taxis and rent a bike.

Sylt buses
There are also autonomous minibusses on the island (Source).

Island of Lighthouses

In Sylt island, you should see each of the lighthouses if you have time. Because there are a couple of major and famous lighthouses on the island. I will suggest you visit my favorite ones. I think Rotes Kliff Lighthouse is the most beautiful one within all lighthouses because of its architecture. Rotes Kliff Lighthouse is located very close to the Kampen Dikstig bus station just 3-5 minutes of walk. You will reach the seaside from Rotes Kliff Lighthouse through wooden stairs and narrow trail.

Rotes Kliff Lighthouse
Maybe not the biggest but the finest one (Source).

The most famous lighthouses of Sylt is Leuchttrum List-West and its sibling Leuchtturm List-Ost. The lighthouses are almost the same as each only different of them is the colors. Leuchttrum List-West has a white body and redhead while Leuchtturm List-Ost has wite-red stripes over it. If you want to see this lighthouse it may be hard to go to them by bus. Because you have to take a 2 km walk from the Westsrand bus station (Line 1) to Leuchttrum List-West lighthouse and 3 km more from Leuchttrum List-West lighthouse to Leuchtturm List-Ost lighthouse.

Leuchtturm List Ost lighthouse
Taking a long-walk will be a relaxing activity for you (Source).

Sandy Beaches of the Sylt Island

If you are a lover of surfing Sylt island is the perfect place for you. Especially in the cold seasons, there will be higher waves which make more exciting surfing. Sylt island is also the right place for summer holidays because the island has long sandy beaches where it is the perfect place to make a sandcastle 🙂 Also, there is iconic special hooded windbreak seating furniture which called a Strandkorb. You should set one of them and watch the sunrise or the stars during the night.

Strandkorb of Sylt island
Iconic Strandkorb is a good place to watch the stars (Source).

I will update this post on time because there are more things to write about this magical place. If you ever visited Sylt Island or planning to visit this stunning place please share your experiences and questions to help others.

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