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Ski Resorts in Turkey

Ski Resorts in Turkey: 51 Winter Holiday Destinations

If you like to spend your winter holiday in ski resorts, you should visit one of the ski resorts in Turkey as soon as possible. Turkey is a generally well-known country among the traveler for summer holidays because of its unique beaches and blue seas. But Turkey has very good ski resorts for the winter holidays. So, you will find 51 different ski resorts in Turkey in this post. Any of them would be a nice destination for your winter holiday.

Gear Up for The Winter Holiday

Skiing born in Siberia and Mongolia at first and became very popular around the world. If you are an experienced winter traveler you can pass on to the next chapter. But if you are not please continue to read. Skiing is a very famous sport between winter lovers. However, you should have the right equipment for skiing or snowboarding during your winter holiday. Because winter sport is way more dangerous than any other sports based on my personal experience. Because you can lose your focus in a second while you are skiing and it is possible to get very badly injured. You will need the equipment given below. But if you go to any of the ski resorts in Turkey they will provide whatever you need for a small price.

51 Ski Resorts in Turkey: Full List for Your Winter Holiday

Yes, there are 51 ski resorts in Turkey. Of course, not all of them have the world standard but you can visit at least 15 of them without thinking. If you ever go to the ski resorts at the end of the list you may need your own gear for skiing. You may find the locations of 51 ski resorts in Turkey on the map given below. Let start to ski in Turkey 🙂

Uludag Ski Resort (Bursa)

Uludag Ski Resort is the most famous and well-known ski resort in Turkey. There are more than 25 hotels to stay in Uludag Ski Resort. Also, the longest ski slope is more than 2500 meters. Uludag Ski Resort is one of the major destinations for the winter holiday in Turkey. During winter there will be many concerts, parties and other attractions for the visitor. There are also multiple cable cars more with the capacity to transfer more than 1000 people in an hour. Also, please be aware that the prices may be higher than the other ski resorts in Turkey. Because Uludag Ski Resort is very close to Turkey and you can go there in your car in a couple of hours. Also, it is possible to go to the Bursa with intercity buses or fast sea buses. You can rent a car when you to the Bursa and then go to the Uludag Ski Resort.

Uludag Ski Resort
Uludag Ski Resort may be very crowded during January and February (Source).

Palandoken Ski Resort (Erzurum)

The second place for the winter holiday can be the Palandoken Ski Resort. Palandoken Ski Resort is in the Eruzurum, on the eastern side of Turkey. The weather is very cold during winter even in the Erzurum city center, image how cold can be the Palandoken Ski Resort. Palandoken Mountains are more than 70 km long and this area declared one of the most important winter tourism destinations in Turkey in 1993.

Also, Palandoken Ski Resort was the home of the World Winter Olympics 2011. Because of the World Winter Olympics 2011, Palandoken Ski Resort has one of the best facilities in all ski resorts in Turkey. There is a ski slope more than 12 km in Palandoken Ski Resort is the longest one in Turkey. You can go to the Palandoken Ski Resort by car or daily buses from Erzurum city center. Also, it is possible to go to the Erzurum with daily flights from Istanbul, Ankara, and Izmir.

Palandoken Ski Resort Erzurum
There will be 5 months long snow on the ground in the Palandoken Ski Resort (Source).

Erciyes Ski Resort (Kayseri)

Another important ski resort in Turkey is the Erciyes Ski Resort. Erciyes Ski Resort in the Kayseri where is the center of the Anatolia. During the winter, snow thickness in the Erciyes Ski Resort varies around 50 to 100 cm. The total capacity of Erciyes Ski Resort is around 2000 people per day which is quite enough for the region. You can also visit the Erciyes Ski Resort during the summer to enjoy nature Erciyes mountains. It is possible to go to the Kayseri from Istanbul. There are multiple daily flights to Kayseri from both airports in Istanbul. So, you should add Erciyes Ski Resort you ski resorts in Turkey list. You may find the detailed map of the Erciyes Ski Resort Map from here.

Erciyes Ski Resort in Kayseri
The highest point of the Erciyes Mountain is 3917 meters (Source).

Kartepe Ski Resort (Kocaeli)

If you are looking for a ski resort where is very close to Istanbul, Kartepe Ski Resort is the answer. Kartepe Ski Resort doesn’t have very much option to spend the night. Because the number of hotels are quite low. However, you can go there and come back to Istanbul in a day. There are 4 different ski slopes in Kartepe Ski Resort.

Kartepe Ski Resort in Kocaeli
It is possible to go to the Kartepe Ski Resort from Istanbul within 1-2 hours (Source).

Kartalkaya Ski Resort (Bolu)

If you are looking for another ski resort close to Istanbul you can go to the Kartalkaya Ski Resort in Bolu. Kartalkaya Ski Resort is one of the oldest ski resorts in Turkey. It is possible to go to the Kartalkaya Ski Resort from Istanbul and Ankara by renting a car. Istanbul Sabiha Gokcen and Ankara Esenboga Airport are the same distance to the Kartalya Ski Resort. It may hard to find regular bus services from Bolu city center. If you are not going on a tour or something the best option is renting a car.

Kartalkaya Ski Resort Bolu
There are enough facilities at the Kartalkaya Ski Resort to spend the night or a couple of days (Source).

Sarikamis Ski Resort (Kars)

At the very edge of the eastern side of Turkey, you may find another beautiful ski resort in Turkey, Sarikamis Ski Resort. Sarikamis Ski Resort is located on a plateau between 2200 and 2900 meters high. In total, Sarikamis Ski Resort has a capacity of more than 15.000 per day to serve the skiers daily. There is a 30 km long cable car system for visitors in Sarikamis Ski Resort. Sarikamis Ski Resort is only 1.5 km away from the Kars city center. That means it is very easy to visit the Sarikamis Ski Resort. You can even go there by taxi. Also, there are daily flights from Istanbul to Kars.

Sarikamis Ski Resort in Kars
The number of visitors coming to Sarikamis Ski Resort is increasing every year (Source).

Zigana Ski Resort (Gumushane)

You may never hear this ski resort. Zigana Ski Resort is not a very popular ski resort in Turkey but it is a really good alternative. Especially the people who are living in the East black Sea region in Turkey prefer to go to Zigana Ski Resort. Zigana Ski Resort is located in Gumushane. The height of the Zigana Ski Resort varies between 2000 and 2500 meters. There are daily flights from Istanbul Airport and Sabiha Gokcen Airport to Gumushane Airport. When you land to Gumushane you can rent a car to go to the Zigana Ski Resort. Please dont forget you may need to bring your own gear if you are going to Zigana Ski Resort. You can ask your hotel if they will provide you a gear.

Saklikent Ski Resort (Antalya)

Antalya is one of the most touristic cities in Turkey.  Saklikent Ski Resort is located at the west of the Antalya city center, very close to the Cakirlar/Doyran village. The motto of the Saklikent Ski Resort is “Skiing in Morning, Diving in the Afternoon”. Yes, that’s true! You can ski at the Saklikent Ski Resort in the morning and go to one of the beautiful beaches of Antalya in the afternoon. There are regular buses to the Saklikent Ski Resort from the Antalya. There is a big mall whose name is Migros 5M. You can get on the buses from there at 08.00 and come back at 16.00 on the same bus. You can find direct flights to Antalya from most destinations, especially Europe. Even if you don’t there are multiple daily flights to the Antalya from Istanbul, Izmir, and Ankara.

Saklikent Ski Resort Antalya
You can enjoy both snow and sea in Antalya (Source).

Ladik Akdag Ski Resort (Samsun)

Samsun’s Ladik Akdag Ski Resort is more like a regional ski resort. It is not a big one like others but becoming more popular every year among local tourists. You can also visit the Ladik Lake where is very close to the Ladik Akdag Ski Resort. There is an also 1500 meters long cable car for visitors at the Ladik Akdag Ski Resort.

Davraz Ski Resort (Isparta)

Another minor ski resort in Turkey is the Davraz Ski Resort. Davraz Ski Resort is very close to the Isparta city center and located in the east of it. Davraz Ski Resort is also very close to another natural beauty of Isparta, Egirdir Lake, and Kovada National Park. For here my suggestion is to stay in Isparta city center and visit all these three places during your time. 3 or 4 days would be enough. There are daily flight from Istanbul to Isparta from both airport in Istanbul

Atabari Ski Resort (Artvin)

There is a small ski slope at the Atabari Ski Resort. Lenght of the Atabari Ski Resort is around 800 meters. Atabari Ski Resort is located within the Hatila Valley National Park. There are daily flights to Artvin from Istanbul. You can also join other natural sports activities during your time in Artvin like trekking and rafting.

Elmadag Ski Resort (Ankara)

There is a 650 meters long ski slope at the Elmadag Ski Resort. Elmadag Ski Resort is located in the capital of Turkey. It is not one of the major ski resorts in Turkey but most of the people who are living in Ankara prefer to go to the Elmadag Ski Resort daily. Elmadag Ski Resort is at the southeast of the Ankara city center and it is possible to there within half an hour by car.

Hazarbaba Ski Resort (Elazig)

There are 8 different ski slopes at the Hazarbaba Ski Resort. The longest ski slope at the Hazarbaba Ski Resort is around 3000 meters which is very good. There is also a cable car system longer than 100 meters. Because of the structural properties, Hazarbaba Ski Resort is one of the hardest ski resorts in Turkey for skiing and snowboarding. You can also visit the Hazar lake very north of the Hazarbaba Ski Resort.

Esentepe Ski Resort (Bolu)

Here is the second ski resort in Bolu but a small one. Esentepe Ski Resort has two ski slopes with a length of 1500 and 5000 meters. If you are new at skiing Esentepe Ski Resort is right to train yourself. Esentepe Ski Resort is just over the Istanbul-Ankara highway just 5 minutes from the Gerede highway exit.

Ergan Ski Resort (Erzincan)

Ergan Ski Resort is very close to Erzincan Airport, just 15 minutes! Because of its connection to the airport number of people visiting Ergan Ski Resort is increasing every year. But it is still not one of the major ski resorts in Turkey. Ergan Ski Resort has the longest ski slope of Turkey. Also, have a cable car which can carry 450 people at the same time!

Ilgaz Ski Resort (Kastamonu)

Ilgaz Ski Resort is one of the most important ski resort at the Black Sea region of Turkey. Every year thousands of people from region are visiting Ilgaz Ski Resort. Ilgaz Ski Resort is located between Kastamonu and Cankiri and can be reached from two cities.

Other Ski Resort in Turkey

There are of course other ski resorts in Turkey. There are not like the ski resorts given above but ıf you are around these cities you may visit them. I’m just writing the name of the ski resort. You can check their location from the map given above.

  • Abali Ski Resort (Van)
  • Alacam Ski Resort (Bursa)
  • Arkut Mountain Ski Resort (Bolu)
  • Bolkar Ski Resort (Erzincan)
  • Bozdag Ski Resort (Izmir)
  • Bubi Mountain Ski Resort (Agri)
  • Catak Ski Resort (Ordu)
  • Cambasi Ski Resort (Ordu)
  • Cibiltepe Ski Resort (Kars)
  • Catak Ski Resort (Van)
  • Ciftkaya Ski Resort (Bitlis)
  • Denizli Ski Resort (Denizli)
  • Dranaz Ski Resort (Sinop)
  • Erikce Ski Reosrt (Gaziantep)
  • Guzeldag Ski Resort (Mus)
  • Guzeltepe Ski Resort (Mus)
  • Hasan Mountain Ski Resort (Aksaray)
  • Haserek Ski Resort (Bingol)
  • Kabaduz Ski Resort (Ordu)
  • Kandilli Ski Resort (Erzurum)
  • Konaklı Ski Resort (Erzurum)
  • Kop Mountain Ski Resort (Bayburt)
  • Kupkiran Ski Resort (Agri)
  • Laleli Ski Resort (Erzurum)
  • Mersivan Ski Resort (Hakkari)
  • Murat Mountain Ski Resort (Kutahya)
  • Nemrut Kardelen Ski Resort (Bitlis)
  • Nikfer Ski Resort (Denizli)
  • Rahva Ski Resort (Bitlis)
  • Salda Ski Resort (Burdur)
  • Yalnizcam Ski Resort (Ardahan)
  • Yedikuyular Ski Resort (Kahramanmaras)
  • Yildiz Mountain ski Resort (Sivas)
  • Yogunyokus Ski Resort (Sivas)
  • Yolcati Ski Resort (Bingol)

What Should You Do in Emergency?

I think this is a very important and crucial subject for you. If you are skiing you are in danger always. You can be lost anywhere at any time if you get off the radar. If you are in one of the ski resorts in Turkey please read the list given below. I wrote down the things you should be careful about.

  • Always give information to the official at your ski resort.
  • Know the contact information of your ski resort
  • Know the emergency numbers
    • 112: Main emergency number (Free)
    • 155: Police emergency line (Free)
    • 156: Gendarme emergency line (Free)
  • Do not leave the ski slopes
  • Have the map of the ski resort
  • Take of power bank with you in case of an emergency. You may need your phone.

I hope that this post will be useful to you. If you are planning to visit ski resorts in Turkey or planning to spend your winter holiday around one of these ski resort please share your questions in the comment section. Also, if you ever visited one of these ski resorts in Turkey don’t forget to share your experiences, thoughts and suggestions to help the other who are already planning to go there.

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