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interior of St. Nicholas Church of Prague

St. Nicholas Church: Famous Baroque Church of Prague

St. Nicholas Church is located within the heart of the Old Town of Prague and built with Baroque style in 1755 by architect Christoph Dientzenhofer. As you know there are tons of iconic churches in Prague and St. Nicholas Church is one of the most visited and well known among them. Also, just next to the church there a former Jesuit college worth to visit. During your time in Prague, St. Nicholas Church definitely should be on your places to see a list.

St. Nicholas Church History

There was an old gothic church on the same site with St. Nicholas Church around the 13th century. This old Gothic church consecrated by the by Tobias in 1283 who was the Bishop of Prague. Gothic Church was built to honour the miracle occurred during the transportation of St. Wenceslas body from Stara Boleslav to Prague Castle. If you make couple of reading about the history of Prague and Czech you will encounter with this legend a lot. The former Jesuit college that I mentioned above designed by the Francesco Caratti, Giovanni Domenic Orsi and Francesco Lurago. It was built between 1672 and 1687, years ago before the construction of St. Nicholas Chruch.

St. Nicholas Church from outside
St. Nicholas Church from outside (Source).

Jesuit College

Church stood on site until 1743 and served the people of Prague for a very long time. But in the second half of the 17th century Jesuits decided to build a whole new church on the site. The new church designed by the Giovanni Domenic Orsi. Actually, former Jesuits college makes an excellent base for the future church tower by its unique design. You can see it with your own eyes when you visit the Old Town Center. To construct the new church 12 houses were demolished including important Rotunda of St. Wenceslas, old school and two cemeteries were closed. Today, Jesuit college servings a Faculty of Mathematics and Physics of Prague Charles University.

Construction of St. Nicholas Church

Actually St. Nicholas Church is maybe one of the most valuable and impressive Baroque building located in the entire region. Today it is very hard to believe but the construction of the church continued for more than 100 years and generations of Baroque architects work on-site, fathers and sons. Kryštof Dientzenhofer, Kilián Ignác Dientzenhofer and Anselmo Lurago is a very good example for this generations as a father, son and son-in-law.

St. Nicholas Church has very impressive details and the dome is one them. The diameter of the dome is 20 meters which quite big and the height inside the church is 57 meters. This dimension makes the church the building with the tallest interior in entire Prague. As you know almost in every case details matters. St. Nicholas Church is a perfect example of how the details can matter. Of course, I can not give you every detail about the St. Nicholas Church because you need to visit this iconic building of Prague and experience by yourself.

Interior side of the dome of St. Nicholas Church
Dome has incredibly impressive details (Source).

Where is St. Nicholas Church?

St. Nicholas Church is located waiting the hearth of the Old Town Square and Jewish Quarter. There are tons of places to visit at the Old Town Prague; Clementinum and National Library, Wenceslas Square, Astronomical Tower, National Gallery Prague and much more. St. Nicholas Church is located very centre of these building at the Old Town Square with a couple of other major landmarks of Prague. Walking around the is like a tradition because most of the places are very close to each and every street is almost a historical place to see. I’m suggesting the same to you, walk around Prague! If you are thinking to use public transport, you have a couple of options to go to the St. Nicholas Church. For the public transport you can find your option below;

  • Mustek metro station: Line A and Line B
  • Staroměstská metro station: Line A
  • Staroměstská tram station: Line 2, 13, 14, 17, 18 and 93
  • Staroměstské náměstí bus station: Line 194
  • Pařížská bus station: Line 194

St. Nicholas Church Tours and Tickets

If you want to buy a ticket to visit the St. Nicholas Church, unfortunately, it is not possible to buy from the internet in advance. You have to go to the cash office of the church to buy the tickets. For the tickets, prices vary between 1 to 4 USD which is very cheap for a place like this. However, it is free to visit the church for kids under 10. St. Nicholas Church is open during the year. Opening hours of the church are 09.00 and the closing hour is 16.00 pm. You can buy your ticket and enter the church 15 minutes before the closing hour of St. Nicholas Church.

For visiting the church, I’m suggesting to you to take a look at the tour below. Because these tours are guided ones and can give about incredible details about both the church and also the many other places in Prague. For example if you join the Prague Sightseeing Tour by Segway and E-Scooter tour you will have a chance to discover Prague in a very different way. First, you will drive a Segway or E-Scooter which very exciting. Tour will take around 3.5 hours from 10.00 to 15.00. You will have live tour guide both in English and Czech. During the tour, you will drive through the St. Wenceslas Church, Ladronka Park, Brevnov Monastery, Prague Castle, St. Nicholas Chruch and more. You check the widget below to find more detailed information.


Please share your experiences and thought about the St. Nicholas Church on the comment section to given an idea to people who are already thinking to visit the Old Town Prague. If you are looking more places to go to in Prague don’t forget to check the map. However, feel free to ask your questions.

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