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Sydney Opera House

Sydney Guide: The City of Harbour

Sydney is the biggest city in Australia but also in Oceania which has a warm and sunny climate, beaches and various famous landmarks like Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera House. Sydney is located on the east coast of Australia and it extends more than 70 km toward the Blue Mountains which are located at west. In this Sydney guide, you will find brief information about Sydney and what to do and what see while your time in this marvellous city.

From Past to Present: Sydney

Indigenous Australians have inhabited the Sydney around at least 30.000 years ago! Yes, that’s right that long time ago! During the 1st Pacific voyage in 1770 which is performed by James Cook and his crew brings the first Europeans to the eastern coast of Australia. In 1778, the 1st British colony was founded as the 1st European settlement in Australia. The name of the Sydney cames from the Tomas Townshend, 1st Viscount Sydney. Around 1851 a gold rush occurred in the British colony which brings more and more people to the area.

Sydney Harbour Bridge Construction
Sydney Harbour Bridge Construction in the 1930s (Source)

Following years after the WW2, there was a massive mass migration to Sydney and it becomes one of the most multicultural cities in the whole world. In 2011 census, in Sydney, there were more than 250 different languages spoken in the city. In 2016 census, almost %40 of the people who are living in the city spoke a language different other than the English at home. Also, it is reported that the around %50 of the people in Sydney born overseas which one the highest number in the world, 3rd one after London and New York City. Today, Sydney is one of the ten cities which have the highest standards to live in whole cities in the world. It also held the 2010 summer Olympics and it is the fifteen most-visited cities in the world.

Getting to Sydney

You can take a flight to go to Sydney from most of the world major cities with a direct flight. There is a Sydney Airport which is a really big one very close to the city. The airport is located just 15 minutes by train. There are trains with 10 minutes of intervals. The train station is located at the northern end of the terminal and it is accessible from the arrivals terminal.

Public Transport in Sydney

Sydney has a comprehensive public transport system contains trains, buses and ferries. You can find the detailed information and public system from the link given below. You can use public transport systems to reach the outer skirts of the city also.

You can get an Opal Card to use the services. You can get the card from almost everywhere in the city. The cities whole transportation system is integrated with there card and it can be used almost everywhere. There are some tariffs like daily and weekly.

Top 10 Landmarks of Sydney Guide

1. Sydney Opera House

When you start to talk about Sydney and even for Australia Sydney Opera House is first comes to minds. So it is on the top of the Sydney Guide as expected. It’s one of the greatest world icons and known by almost everyone. It is also in the UNESCO World Heritage Site and most touristic landmark in Australia. You can book a Sydney Opera House Guided Walking Tour to learn about its history and much more…

Sydney Opera House Official Website 

Sydney Opera House
Sydney Opera House (Source)

2. Sydney Harbour Bridge

Another important landmark of the Sydney Guide is Sydney Harbour Bridge. It is also called as a “Coathanger” by the locals and one best-known landmark after the Sydney Opera House. You can walk through the bridge by walking and enjoy the scenery. There is an also event called Sydney Bridge Clim which includes more than 10 people who will climb around 135 meters high within 3.5 hours up to the outer arch of the bridge.

Sydney Harbour Bridge
Sydney Harbour Bridge (Source)

3. Harbour Cruises

The main ferry terminal is located at the Circular Quay, Sydney Cove. In the peak hours, there are thousands of people goes through this place. You can find cafes, restaurants and many more attractions along the waterfront. You can also two mini cruise tours which take a couple of hours. It is also very close to the Sydney Opera House, Royal Botanic Gardens.

Sydney Ferries
Sydney Ferries (Source)

4. The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney

This garden has were established in 1816 and it has more than 30 hectares of the area which includes palm groves, orchids, ferns and flocks… Visiting the garden is totally free which is nice for the tourist.

The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney Website

The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney
The Royal Botanic Garden Sydney (Source)

5. The Sydney Tower Eye

It is a 309-meter high tower, the highest one in Australia. The Sydney Tower Eye has a golden spire-topped turret which can be seen almost from everywhere. It also has a skywalk area which has a glass floor viewing platform. You can also experience the 4D cinema.

The Sydney Tower Eye Website

The Sydney Tower Eye
The Sydney Tower Eye (Source)

6. Queen Victoria Building

Queen Victoria Building was constructed as a market between 1893 and 1898. The building has a central big dome which also surrounded by 20 mini domes around it. After a long time without any care, it was restored around the 1980s. Today, it has more than 200 shops in it filled with unique art. It is one of the musts to see places in Sydney.

Queen Victoria Building Website

Queen Victoria Building
Queen Victoria Building (Source)

7. Darling Harbour

It is a hub for both tourist and locals. Darling Harbour is a waterfront precinct with restaurants, shops, museums, exhibitions and venues. You can spend a couple of hours in here for sure. It also has many attractions during the day, don’t forget to check its website.

Darling Harbour Website

Darling Harbour
Darling Harbour (Source)

8. Taronga Zoo

If you are not familiar with the species of Australia you should visit here. There are lots of local animal species in Taronga Zoo. Lemur, koala, seal and many more! There are also shows during the day. It is open every day without any expectations within 9.30 to 16.30.

Taronga Zoo Website

Taronga Zoo
Taronga Zoo (Source)

9. Hyde Park

Between the towers, building and businesses Hyde Park is like a heaven for the people who wants to relax and enjoy. Park has picnic spots, lawns, flowers, fountains and more. It named after Hyde Park in London. In the park, you will see the bronze Archibald Fountain (1932) Which commemorates Australia’s alliance with France during WWI (Great War)

Hyde Park Website

Hyde Park
Hyde Park (Source)

10. George Street

It is the oldest street in Australia. but today it’s one of the busiest ones. Sydney Town Hall (1869) is a major city landmark to see like St. Andrew’s Cathedral (1868). There are also lots of Unique building to see around George Street, Don’t forget to get there!

Sydney is one of the most touristic places on Oceania. Please share your experiences in the comment section! Also, feel free to share ask your question about the city. I hope that this Sydney Guide will help you to plan your time in the city. Have a nice time in Sydney!

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