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Su Nuraxi di Barumini: Massive Nuraghi of Sardinia

Su Nuraxi di Barumini or Barumini Nuraghi in English is the best place to feel and witness the historical face of Sardinia Island. “Nuraghi” or “Nuraxi” means that a cone-shaped tower built by the carving of the top part of the high rocks. In total, there are more than 8000 Nuraghi in whole Sardinia and the Su Nuraxi di Barumini is the biggest...

Sardinia Cagliari Saint Remy Bastion terrace

Saint Remy Bastion: Symbol of Cagliari

Saint Remy Bastion is a neoclassical heritage of the capital city of the Sardinia Island, Cagliari where you need to see. Because of Saint Remy Bastion is not a regular historical landmark to visit. There are inspiring gallery section, monumental stairway and also a panoramic terrace where offers you a nice view through the Cagliari. This unique historic structure is...

Sardinia Island beach

Costa Smeralda: Sardinia’s Top Beaches

Costa Smeralda is maybe the most popular touristic destination of Sardinia especially for the lovers of beaches and seas. Most of the people who ever go to the Sardinia visit the Costa Smeralda at the very north of the island. Because Costa Smeralda offers more than 20 km long sandy beaches to its visitor with also warming sun and refreshing blue seas. This region is...

The Ancient City of Tharros

The Ancient City of Tharros: Sardinia’s Historic Treasure

The Ancient City of Tharros where is very close to the San Giovanni di Sinis on the west coast of Sardinia is an important historical place to see. Sardinia is a very popular destination among travellers. Because Sardinia has tons of incredibly beautiful beaches, coves, cities and attractions to experience. The Ancient City of Tharros is a very iconic part of the...

Sardinia Island beach

Visit Sardinia: Detailed Sardinia Guide for 2020

If you want to have a holiday with hot sun, golden beaches, clean air and nature all together you should visit Sardinia Island. Sardinia Island is an island where is politically one of the 20 regions of Italy located in the Mediterranean Sea, west of Italy mainland and north of Tunisia. This unique and wonder of nature island one the 5 in Italy where have a special...