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travellers notebook

Travellers Notebook: A Detailed Review

Travellers Notebook is an essential and indispensable tool for many people to use during the day, especially the handmade and leather ones. Many people use travellers notebook during a day to keep the track of what they are doing, meeting notes, taking notes while travelling or just drawing to clear their heads. Actually, travellers notebook is a simple notebook that everyone can use. But what distinguishes it from others? Based on my own experience, travellers notebooks are very easy to use and write. They ravish people with their hardcover, paper quality and vibes. Even I bought 3 of them yesterday! In this post, you may find every detail about travellers notebooks, their sizes, varieties, inserts, covers and more. Keep reading!

Do You Need Travellers Notebook?

Before trying to find an answer to that question, please know that travellers notebook may also be known as Midori traveller’s notebook, travellers company notebook or MTN. But they all refer to the same type of notebook, a quality one. Having this kind of notebook is just like having the lastest tech Playstation, phone or car. It’s a hobby that makes people happy. So, don’t judge anyone if they paid 50 $ to one notebook. They have a variety of type for consumers, blank, dot grid, graph, ruled or lined ones. Everyone can find a travellers notebook for themselves. Just take a look at the pictures below. It would be very nice to have a notebook like that?

Advantages of Having Travellers Notebook

Improve Mentality

I know most of us using tablets these days to take notes, planning, studying and more. But be sure that there are a couple of very intruding advantages of having travellers notebook. A first maybe the most important one is their prices. A regular travellers notebook can be but with a couple of dollars. Just think, you paid hundreds of dollars to your tablet and what you are doing? Just taking notes? What! Are you serious? You can do that with travellers notebook by only spending a couple of dollars. Also writing is way more fun than using a tablet. It is in our genes, DNA. However, taking notes will improve your creativity, thinking and make you more focused.

Traveller Notebook Types and Size

Travellers notebook have hundreds of type that you can choose. You can buy one of the leather ones or hardcovers. Also, you may like Midori styles with yarns. Travellers notebook sizes are the other advantage of them. Because their dozens of travellers notebook size you can choose from a pocket-size to A5, even to XL ones. If you are a bit of consumed about paper size please take a look this Wikipedia page to get an idea about them. You can think that page as your travellers notebook size chart. Simply, you may find any size of travellers notebook based on your needs. You may also find the regular size for travellers note below.

SizeDimension (cm)Dimension (inc)
B520.0 x 26.27.87 x 13.31
Large18.0 x 22.07.08 x 8.74
A516.0 x 22.06.29 x 8.74
Regular12.1 x 22.24.76 x 8.74
Pocket10.1 x 15.23.97 x 5.98
Passport10.0 x 13.73.93 x 5.39
Travellers notebook size chart (Closed sizes)

Light Weight

One of the best thing about travellers notebook is its size. Travellers notebooks are very lightweight and easy to carry around. But at the same, there is a bit of trick. Because if you are looking for more high quality and quantity paper your nice travellers notebook get a bit heavier but that won’t be a problem for you unless it has hundreds of pages. Also, please don’t forget writing on a thin and thicker page is totally different experiences. You will definitely like to write on heavier paper. Heavier paper means more quality ones. Most of the travellers notebook weighs around a couple of hundreds of a gram. That won’t be a problem for you.

Travellers Notebook Inserts

If you are not sure about the page number of your traveller notebook. You have a wonderful feature that you will love. You can change the pages of your notebook! Yes, that’s true. You can change most of the travellers notebooks pages by new and different ones. That also gives power customization of your favourite assistant. If there is a disc-shaped spiral on the back of your notebook you can change the amount of paper. So, if you are going to a short meeting maybe only ten pages would be enough for you. Why carry fifty? You can find different travellers notebook inserts from Amazon, eBay, Aliexpress and more. I’m not selling them, yet 🙂 By using travellers, notebook inserts, you can fully customize your notebook. You can use different pages like blank, lined or dot size at once. Customization is one of the favourites of travellers notebooks. You can even print your own style pages by using your own printer for your notebook. Options are limitless. Use your imagination!

Travellers notebook inserts
A simple dot-styled travellers notebook page (Source).


Another important parameter you need to think about your travellers notebook is its cover. You have two option here; soft and hard ones. Both of them have their own advantages. Some people like to use soft covers because they may fold the notebook. By folding notebook, you can clear more space at your desk or your bag. The event you can out your notebook to your pocket. But I’m fun of hardcovers. Hardcovers protect the notebook and help me while I’m writing. Because hardcovers work to support and provide a rigid and flat surface while writing. Also, hardcovers look more formal, which I like. Basically soft or hardcover, it totally depends on your style and expectation. Both of them are good to use.

Travellers Notebook Brands

There are hundreds of brand that you can buy. Many people create their own travellers notebook brand. For me, I’m buying my notebooks from my own local supplier. So, in this part of the, I can’t recommend any specific brand to buy, but you can share your own experience about them in the comment section. In time I will add your suggestion in this part to give an idea to the people who are thinking to buy travellers notebook.

Travellers Notebook FAQs

What is a travellers notebook?

Travellers notebook is simple, refillable, durable and mostly leathered covered notebook that you can use for daily routines, drawings, meetings and more.

Where to buy Midori Travellers Notebook in USA?

Best way to buy Midori Travellers Notebook in USA is to take a look to their Amazon page from this link.

What size are the travellers notebooks?

There are various sizes of travellers notebooks from the pocket (10.0 x 13.7) to B5 (20.0 x 26.2) size. Don’t forget to take a look at the table above for the dimension of different sizes.

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