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Upper and Lower Duden Waterfalls of Antalya

Well, everyone loves Antalya but have you ever visited Upper or Lower Duden Waterfall located within the heart of the city? Yeah, probably you did not! Duden Waterfalls are part of the natural beauty of the Antalya and they are almost located in the city centre. That means you can easily visit them in a very short period of time. But first, let me tell you, they are not like the Niagara Falls but worth to see 🙂 Most of the people who are living in Antalya enjoy the joy of the Duden Waterfalls almost every day. Duden Waterfalls located on the two different points over the Duden Stream. Upper Duden Waterfall is located on the northeast part of the city centre, Dudenbasi district (Mahalle) and the Lower Duden Waterfall is located on the south of the Antalya International Airport where the Duden Stream meets with the Mediterranean Sea. There is around 16 km between these two waterfalls. You can start with the upper and end it with the lower.

Upper Duden Waterfall

It is located in Varsak District within the boundaries of Kepez. Upper Duden Water is also mentioned as Iskender Waterfall on a couple of other sources because of the history of the region. The source of the waterfall comes from karst springs located very close to the 30th km of the Antalya-Burdur roads 28th km. The regions are the Pinarbasi and Kirkgozler. This stream disappears in the subalpine sinkhole for around 15 km and came to the surface once more at the end of the Varsak region and then it will deep to the underground again. Actually it is quite a good route to track if you are a good tracker.  And finally, Upper Duden Waterfall is the place that this stream comes to the surface once on a beautiful and relaxing point!

Even on the driest days, the water flow reaches to the 10 cubic meter that reaches to the waterfall. The maximum flow rate is around 90 to 100 cubic meters per second. This stream also feeds the Kepez hydroelectric power plant which produces a high amount of electricity. Upper Duden Waterfall is open for visiting every day between 08.00 to 19.00 during the summer season and 08.00 to 18.00 during the winter season. The address of the Upper Duden Waterfall is the Düdenbaşı Mahallesi 21. Cadde Kepez/Antalya. You can check its location from this link.

Are you looking for a peaceful and relaxing place? (Source)

Lower Duden Waterfall

As I told you above you can start the day at the Upper Duden Waterfall and end it on the Lower Duden Waterfall. However, if you start the day early you can end the at the Karpuzkaldiran Beach where is very close to the Lower Duden. Lower Duden Waterfall is around 8 km away from the Antalya city centre. There is also Duden Park very next to the waterfall where you can chill, enjoy, eat, drink and watch the panoramic view of the Mediterranean Sea. The address of the Upper Duden Waterfall is the Çağlayan, Lara Lara Caddesi No: 457, 07230 Muratpaşa/Antalya. You can check its location from this link.

How to Go to the Duden Waterfalls?

If you have your own car or rented o one just enter the address I wrote above to GPS and drive directly to one of the waterfalls. If you are looking for public transport option luckily you have one. You can use the Antray T3 line to go to the Upper Duden Waterfall. The tram stop is not very next to the entrance of the waterfall but it is very close to it. You need to get off at the Selale tram station and it is located on the Suleyman Demirel Avenue. From the Selale tram station, you just need to walk around a kilometre. You can check this link for the route. Trams in Antalya operates between 06.00 to 01.00 during the with short interval on rush-hours. The easiest way to go to the Lower Duden Waterfall is to the tram once from the Selale Station. After getting in an Antray T3 tram line you need to get off at the Yesilirmak station, 8 stops later. When get off from the tram go to this bus stop. From here get in the FL82 Bus Line and get off at this stop. Welcome to the Duden Park and Waterfall! Enjoy!

Please your insights and suggestions about the Upper and Lower Duden Waterfalls to improve the content and quality of this content. Also, feel free to ask questions about the waterfalls or using public transport to go to them. You can read more about places in Turkey from the WeCityGuide | Turkey section.

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