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New York
New York

Visit New York: Ever Upward, Excelsior

How long New York city guide will be written it won’t be enough for this great city. New York City is the most populated area in the United States of America. It has almost 9 millions of people distributed over the are about 800-kilometre square. New York City is also the most densely populated area in the USA. New City is composed of 5 areas, Manhattan and Staten islands, Brooklyn and Queens the part of Long Island and the Bronx. If you’re thinking to visit New York continue to read this New York City guide. New York’s official state motto is “Excelsior” (ever upward). You can see the motto on the state coat of arms, which is featured on New York’s state seal and state flag.

History of New York

Probably you won’t believe it but New York’s history began around 10.000 B.C. when the first people arrived here. Around the 1100 A.D., there were two main cultures dominant in the area, Iroquoian and Algonquian. Discovery of the New York by European happened around 1524 by the Italian Giovanni da Verrazzano and the first claim comes from the Dutch in 1609. That time the city was called New Netherland and it was an important harbour for the fur trade. In 1626, Dutch bought Manhattan Island from the American Indians. Around the 1664 England named the are a colony, New York, after the name of Duke of York. Over the years New York city began a major trading port in the Thirteen Colonies. Today, New York City is one of the most important cities in the world.

Early Localization Native Americans
Early Localization Native Americans (Source)

Airports of New York

If you’re planning to visit New York you have a couple of options to travel there. There are three main airports in New York; John F. Kennedy (JFK), La Guardia (LGA) and Newark (EWR) airports. If you are travelling to New York from Europe you will probably land in John F. Kennedy international airport. If you have a question in your mind which one is the best one, there no answer to these questions. The answer to this question depends on your destinations and number of luggage. If you’re travelling light or with few, you can think to use Newark of JFK.

Public Transport in New York

Travelling in New York city is generally cheap, efficient and convenient. Because an excellent public transportation system is offered the New York city. The fastest way to move around is to use New York’s underground mass transit system. On a daily basis, millions of people use it because of the crowd just don’t pull your purse often just take your card with you all the time. New York metro lines are complexes, have different colours for the routes. It obviously needed another guide for the New York metros.

There are also city buses in New York and they all cover the major areas in the city. Of course, they are not as fast as metro lines but they are a cheap alternative to get around. Also, buses are relatively new compared to metros and they all have a wheelchair-accessible.

New York city bus
One of the New York city bus (Source)

10 Places to See in New York

1. The National 9/11 Memorial & Museum

Everyone who visits New York should see this place to commemorate the innocent victims of this terrorist attack. There was two twin tower which is the symbol of city until terrorist attack against the innocent people on September 11, 2001. Today there are two square pools, each one 1 acre size for the people who lost their lives on that day. Today place is known as a National September 11 Memorial. The area is surrounded by trees, pools are recessed with water cascading over the sides and goes to the seemingly bottomless square. These waterfalls are the largest ones in North America built by humans.

The memorial and the museum are located on Greenwich Street, south side of the One World Trade Centre. There is an also Callery pear tree which is known as the “Survivor Tree” after the attacks. The tree was founded severely damaged but not death so it became a symbol for the hope of the future.

The National 9/11 Memorial & Museum Website

The National 9/11 Memorial & Museum
The National 9/11 Memorial & Museum (Source)

2. Central Park

The most famous park all over the world. It is kinda small heaven within the skyscrapers. If you are in New York you have to see here of course. Walking through the pathways of Central Park is a must-do and reviling thing. Central Park is a great place to see but it also has lots of attractions. You can visit Belvedere Castle, Strawberry Fields, The Central Park Zoo and the Lake. don’t forget to take your map before going into the park.

Central Park Website

Central Park
Central Park (Source)

3. Metropolitan Museum of Art

With its short abbreviation, “MET” was founded in 1870 and one of the famous museum in the United States. Metropolitan Museum of Art holds a collection spanning around 5000 years. The museum has three main sections, the centre one is The Met Fifth Avenue. This part of the museum holds a collection includes American decorative arts, armours and arms, Egyptian ars, photographs, musical instruments and more and more… There is an option to visit the museum before opening with together only 25 people as VIP MET tour. You can think to take that tour if you don’t like the crowd.

Metropolitan Museum of Art Website

Metropolitan Museum of Art
Metropolitan Museum of Art (Source)

4. Empire State Building

Everyone knows the Empire State Building. It is unique and New York’s most famous landmark building and one of the major tourist attractions. The building is around 381 meter-tall and has 102 storeys. It was the tallest landmark in the world until the 1st Word Trade Center Tower broke its record after 41 years.  Empire State Building opened in 1931. There is an open-air observation deck on 86th flor and it is the highest one in New York City. It has a great and spectacular scenery throughout the city.

Empire State Building Website

Empire State Building
Empire State Building (Source)

5. Statue of Liberty

The most famous lady on earth. The Statue of Liberty was a gift to America from France. It was built in 1886, more than 45 meter-high, more than 200.000 kilogram-weight. It can be seen from the mainland and it is located on Liberty Island.

Statue of Liberty Website

Statue of Liberty
Statue of Liberty (Source)

6. Brooklyn Bridge

With its Gothic shaped arches and suspension cables, Brooklyn Bridge is one of the other symbols of the New York City. Did you know that the Brooklyn Bridge is the first steel suspension bridge in the world? Yeah, it is. The bridge has a wooden plank walkway for only pedestrians and cyclists. That wooden plank walkway run above the roadway. From the bridge, you can enjoy the beautiful views of Manhattan, East River and even beyond to the Liberty.

Brooklyn Bridge
Brooklyn Bridge (Source)

7. Grand Central Terminal

This historical, great architectural building lies in midtown Manhattan and it is not an only transport hub or stations. It is a living history and destination for shopping, dining and attractions. Its unique properties puts it to must to see places for those who visit New York. it Grand Central Terminal has 60 shops, 35 places for dining and many of event during the days. It was firstly opened in 1913, as an example of great engineering of its time. Today it’s a unique landmark for the New York City.

Grand Central Terminal Website

Grand Central Terminal
Inside of the Grand Central Terminal (Source)

8. Times Square

Like almost everyone visit New York you should have a picture with a big screen behind you. With its famous, large and bright billboards, screens Times Square is the place to see in New York especially in the evening. However, here is also the place of New York’s New Year’s Eve Celebrations and also the famous ball drop at midnight. Area named in 1904 after the New York Times tower.

Times Square Website

9. Broadway & Theatre District

If you’re thinking to visit New York yo should this area. Broadway simply refers to Broadway theatre which contains a large number of theatre venues in the Theather District. We can say that basically here is the centre of the culture in New York City. If you’re planning to go famous shows performed here it’s better to buy tickets in advance. There is also a famous pedestrian ally whose name is Shubert is must to see places in here.

Broadway & Theatre District Website

Broadway Theatre
Broadway Theatre (Source)

10. Fifth Avenue

Here is the centre of shopping in New York City. There are plenty of famous stores located in here such as Cartier, Tiffany, Bergdorf-Goodman, Apple Store… So, ready your shopping bags!  You should grab a Fifth Avenue map before getting there to not get lost. Oh, and also don’t spend too much!

Visit the 5th Avenue Website

Fifth Avenue
Apple Store on Fifth Avenue (Source)

New York City is one of the greatest city on earth. The city has lots of things to offer to you. Don’t forget to share your experience with the city for the others. It’s time to visit New York! The city will mesmerize you!

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